One Shining Moment

One Shining Moment


"ONE SHINING MOMENT mesmerise and engage their audience.. Adam's voice is absolutely distinct and his songs have an addictive power...the band presents as a memorable filmic experience.


Artist Information

Adam Burford - Vocals, Guitar
Jake Bishop - Drums, Digital Sampler
Phil Filing - Guitars


While other bands comment on the ‘major radio ready-ness’ of ONE SHINING MOMENT, ONE SHINING MOMENT play Adam Burford’s intense songs of love, life and strife with focused intent, as if each show is being broadcast live to a global television audience. In songs like Every Mistaken Path, Sunset and Shatter like Glass, Adam invokes an intimate experience, creating some kind of gravitational pull as the audience lean toward the stage, being drawn in, mesmerised by a secret, not wanting to break their connection to the performance. Just as the audience forgets to breath, the band release the breaks and open up into full on alt-rock repertoire programming, with songs like Checkmate, Come With Me and Comes Undone.

Sometimes there are traces down a SMASHING PUMPKINS line, or a hint of RADIO HEAD in their spirit, with newer songs journeying off towards a more catchy, quirky MODEST MOUSE kind of swagger. German Dark Metal Goth Magazine ZILLO put it this way: “Mixed emotions are brought to the fore by the impressive (powerful, forceful) androgynous vocals of front man and guitarist Adam Burford, which get under the skin immediately and shape the unique music.”

In empathy to Adam’s voice is support vocal by bass player Laura Bailey, who’s playing style and performance is derived from influences as varied as JazzWA mentoring by Matt Willis and Pete Jeavons, JCCA metal /hardcore days with Shaun McIlroy ATVENA’S WAKE, through to recent imprint from Perth’s young emerging psychedelic scene. On drums is Jake Bishop, a rock solid player who knows how to sit in the groove, with Alan Balmont from AMMONIA as an early mentor and now studying at Leederville TAFE under the guidance of the Warburton brothers, Scott Adam and crew. While Phil Filing on guitar cuts a clean, contemporary counterpoint and provides many of ONE SHINING MOMENT’s signature sounds and figures.


2005 - Demo production
- Come with me (Heavy local radio rotation)

2006 - Demo production
- Every Mistaken Path (Heavy local radio rotation)
- It's Not Me (Heavy local radio rotation)

Set List

One Shining Moment's set list;

One Shining Moment set duration is 40- 45 minutes

- We Shatter Like Glass
- She'll Never Leave
- Miss You
- Right As Rain
- Every Mistaken Path
- Come With Me
- It's Not Me
- Sunset
- Breaking Down
- Nightmares
- Checkmate