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Original One Shott

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I'm a new school Hip Hop Lyricist/Reggae Rapper


The emerging Teenage Graduate, One Shott, who at age 14 realized his knack for rapping along with an interconnection with his birth sign “Leo”. His Family taught him to be active and creative, which to date is evident in all his performances. His first recognition and exposure to the limelight came about after his performance at the Toronto Spring Bling, which was well noted and also a high point in his musical career. His Performance with Munga on stage at the Kool Haus and in Bradford Proved One Shott is an ultimate performer. This propelled him to his very first on-air scope which expanded his capacity. His fans and the audience, of the famed Toronto radio personality Delroy G 105.5FM and Mercedes of 88.1 FM, were enthralled. For some, it was an ordinary interview but for One Shott this was a stepping stone in the right direction.

The Toronto native, born and raised in North York spends most of his time perfecting his music and spending time with the ladies. This is an attribute “typical of the average teenager”. Not handed a lot of options in his youthful life, One Shott had to choose between rap, school, or drugs. Rapping and school outweighed all other options, but rapping moreover, was the obvious choice. Some of his friends were constantly hustling and struggling to find their identity, which caused constant run-ins with the law and proved to be unfruitful. He empowered himself with the knowledge of writing that he had attained. Persistently moving forward, he soon discovered that he had the talent and passion to live and accomplish more than what his environment immediately had to offer. “Rap” has provided him with the passion and comfort which gave him the solace he desired. One Shott stepped away from the solitude that was keeping him from enjoying the simpler things that money can’t buy, such as love, family and spending time with friends.

His unparalleled compositions have given him a stead growing fan base, and is creating quite a stir in and around the G.T.A. When asked about his plans for the future, he responds quietly, with his mild mannerism, and speaks passionately of his dream of getting his music published and his aspirations of making his name a household name that will ring positively, while capturing superstardom. This individual puts on a spectacular show, and when not performing, he dedicates most of his time to improving his art, whether creating original lyrics or capturing a tune.

One Shott has performed at the Toronto Spring Bling, and has been making special appearances on numerous talent shows in and around the G.T.A and most recently in Jamaica. His latest accomplishments include his two hit singles “Side to Side” featuring Munga Honorable and “Cant Stop my flow” featuring Capleton. He would like to share a microphone with Nas, whom he considers to be one of the most lyrically acclaimed and perverse writers alive today.

Veterans in the rap industry who influenced One Shott’s decision are: Big L, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G. Each of these artists brings their individual flavor and uniqueness to their music. These rappers are all loved by their adoring public and One Shott wishes for the same esteem.

One Shott aspires to have his own record label. With his passion and drive, the opportunity to be the next big thing is very REALISTIC. His only advice to others is, “Keep pursuing your dreams and the end will justify the means.” “Make money and Toronto City stand up.”

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Gangsta lean

Written By: One Shott


First Verse:
if you got money and you kno it, and you really wanna show it, hit the floor and do the gangsta lean,1
do da gangsta lean, if you got an icy team, we got money like a bank mahcine, i'm da lean,//
I'm tryna leave da club with a pretty little thing, money aint a thing, I be living like a king,//3
if you got a ring, or a watch dat bling, da da gangsta lean, and make ya chain swing,//4
where ma ladies at,, all they wanna kno is where da papers at,.//5
you got a fine dyme den i'm taking dat, she could tell dat i'm paid like da,t i'm gettin green,//6
def fi kno dis a big mon ting, your money small, my money yae ming,//7
dis a Dance hall and a hiphop ting, if you got money like a kind do the gangsta lean,//8



One Shott Has Currently Realsed 7 singles in the past 2 years.

Singles Realsed: Side To Side Ft Munga Honorable, Can't Stop My Flow Ft: Capleton, She's A Wifey Ft: Anthony Cruz, It's Killing Me Ft: Eyesus, Bad Mind FT: Exco Levi, Party Time Ft: QQ, and Gangsta Lean.
Radio Play: all songs have played on 105.5fm, 88.1fm, 88.9fm, and Flow 93.5fm.

Set List

Set List: 4 to 5 songs.

Side To Side Ft Munga Honorable, Can't Stop My Flow Ft: Capleton, She's A Wifey Ft: Anthony Cruz, It's Killing Me Ft: Eyesus, and Gangsta Lean.