One Small Step For Landmines
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One Small Step For Landmines

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"One Small Step For Landmines"

Whenever I see a whale on the cover art for a record, I automatically wonder how hippy-dippy the record will be. And is it just me, or do prog rock bands put an inordinate amount of whales on their record covers? I’m not claiming that O.S.S.F.L. are a prog rock band, but their brand of rock’n’roll is a whole lot more complex than this three-chord simpleton can properly describe (and it’s not hippy-dippy). So, out of laziness or stupidity, I turn to the Mighty Onesheet: “angular-yet-driving guitar lines, tangling…catchy-yet-sophisticated songs” with “jazzy, rapid-fire drums and an explosively propulsive bass line.” That sums up the tunes, and in the end I liked how it all came together. Imagine eating a really tasty cheeseburger in a five-star restaurant: simple, solid food with a wonderfully complex and ornate presentation. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Civil Defense League, - Razorcake

"One Small Step For Landmines"

ONE SMALL STEP FOR LANDMINES [7] ‘ONE SMALL STEP FOR LANDMINES’ (CIVIL DEFENSE LEAGUE) Despite One Small Step For Landmines’ youthful vocals they boast pleasantly unexpected complex-ities - off-kilter drumbeats, bittersweet melodies and a certain battered charm. Watch out for Jim Ward of Sparta’s guest vocals and watch out for this Floridian trio altogether - Rock Sound MAgazine (UK)

"one Small Step For Landmines"

So when i took a glance at this record i noticed it was on Civil Defense League, which is Jim Ward’s label. So i thought to myself well this dude has a decent track record he was only in the greatest band of all time At The Drive-In and shit even Sparta had one good EP. I pop the record on and from the first track i was hooked. the music is quite reminiscent of early Get Up Kids with more modern pop punk style vocals. This is a perfect combo for me. as the album goes on the tracks get better and better, with the exception of “Don’t Go To Hell” i could have done with out that song at least in the middle of the record. Another awesome thing about this band is that they are a three piece which i feel is badass if you can pull it off and they do. I hope this band sticks around i can see good things moving forward. So to wrap this all up this band is perfect for the person who loves pop punk but doesn’t want to be looked down upon for it. Do yourself a great favor and pick this record up its only 7.99 on itunes. If there is a vinyl version out there i need to pick it up if not get on that. - Get Over Yourself Brooklyn


One Small Step For Landmines (self titled) released sept. 11th, 2007 Doghouse Records/Civil Defense League
Good Men Die Young And I'm Not Feeling Well (EP) released June 11th, 2008 Doghouse Records/Civil Defense League



One Small Step For Landmines started in Tallahassee, Florida in 2005. Throughout the course of the next year the band toured on their debut self-titled album from coast to coast multiple times logging more then 20,000 miles. A majority of these miles were logged in their bus which was converted to run on waste vegetable oil. while maintaining a forward thinking attitude towards the environment the band consistently sought to educate listeners while entertaining them just the same. very much known for their live show the band has built a loyal following all along the eastern coast of the united states and beyond.