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Andover, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Andover, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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One Step Away @ Six Flags New England

Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

Agawam, Massachusetts, USA

One Step Away @ Regent Theatre

Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

One Step Away @ South Point Showroom

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



“One Step Away write their own material, play their own instruments and just rule the stage everywhere they go! These guys are talent to the bone and for their age I can’t even say its raw talent because they are very polished and tight. They may appear young and that is because they are young but far from the what is expected of musicians in this age group. They will wipe the stage with many bands twice their age much like I wipe my feet before entering the house and I don’t think twice about doing it. These guys are no little kids and they are serious about their music so don’t dismiss them by their age and appearance. They are Radio Ready, TV Ready and READY TO GO! One Step Away is One Click Away from being grabbed up and the labels that passed them up will never forgive themselves nor will the stockholders!” --Kimmie M Sharon Founder, KmS RoX One Step Away Review Feb 2011. - Kimmie M Sharon Founder, KmS RoX One Step Away Review Feb 2011

An Alternative Press AP&R Unsigned Band of the Month

The Story So Far:
It could be the plot of any number of CW dramas. Childhood friends Michael Nuzzolo (bass) and Terence Healy (guitar) jammed together from a young age but were separated into two different suburban Boston high schools. Still, they didn't abandon their dream of starting a band. "I found Adam [Carrington, vocals] after having him in the school musical," says Nuzzolo. "We then found Ben [Trudeau, drums] through and area music school."

Why you should know 'em:
Coming together in 2007, One Step Away started out competing in local battles of the bands, which they had a habit of winning with their sunny, melodic pop. "We won the Boston Music Festival and had multiple [appearances] on TV," says Nuzzolo. The success helped push the band far from their East Coast home. "This past summer we played as far away as Universal Studios Hollywood and the Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles." - Alternative Press Magazine, Issue #269, on Newstands November 2010

One Step Away are the award-winning quartet from Boston, Massachusetts. Dealing out a contagious mix of rock and pop tunes these boys are well on their way to becoming the next big thing. Made up of Adam Carrington (lead vocals), Terence Healy (lead guitar), Mike Nuzzolo (bass/vocals) and Ben Trudeau (drums/vocals/guitar) they’re certainly a group to keep your eyes on.

Rewind time back to 2006 when One Step Away were literally just a dream. The idea first began when lead guitarist Terence Healy and bassist Mike Nuzzolo began playing together. A year later vocalist Adam Carrington joined the group adding the uniqueness of his vocals into the mix. After self-recording their first EP in 2008 and gaining much needed support and praise from locals, Ben Trudeau completed the line-up with his impressive drum skills and strong positive energy. With their growing popularity, the boys became more determined than ever. The band would begin writing their debut full-length album. After working with producers Dan Malsch and Alec Henninger (Forever The Sickest Kids, Four Year Strong) for several months One Step Away released For The Broken in late summer 2010 and even took their promotional tour as far as Hollywood’s legendary Universal Studios.

The band have also had the pleasure of performing at many well-established venues such as Fox Theatre, House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe and even Six Flags Magic Mountain, New England and Great America. It’s certain that the boys can only move onto bigger and better things and with a strong fan-following behind them I’m sure we will be seeing and hearing a lot more of them in the near future.

CD Review:
One Step Away is a 4-piece pop/rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, made up of Adam Carrington (lead vocals), Terence Healy (lead guitar), Mike Nuzzolo (bass/vocals) and Ben Trudeau (drums/vocals/guitar). After spending several months hard at work writing and recording their debut album, they released For The Broken in late Summer 2010.
Opening the album is “Here We Go,” which starts off energetic, as expected, with a steady drum beat. The vocals on this track don’t seem forced and flow well into the song. The backing vocals of “just don’t, just don’t” adds a really nice effect. This track also presents a sing-along chorus, as I practically knew all of the words after my second listen. This is a very memorable track, which will go down well with their fans.
“Need You” is the second track on the album. I won’t lie, I fell in love with it the minute the intro of guitar and bass riffs kicked in. Although the riffs are simple, they are prominent throughout the rest of the track. They are accompanied by strong, yet soft, vocals which, again, fit in perfectly with the song. I find this an enjoyable track and the fact that the boys pick up the pace during the chorus makes it even better. This is probably one of my, if not my very favourite track on the record. Not only is it superb musically, but lyrically it is a very sweet song and I think that adds to the enjoyment of listening to it.
The boys bring the tempo of the record down with their next track, “Next To You.” Although it is a slower track, which is pulled off well, it reminds me of something similar to a country song – maybe even Taylor Swift-like. It is extremely well-written and contains a lot of raw emotion which I always enjoy seeing expressed in songs. The guitar solos towards the bridge of the song are excellent and are a nice twist to the song. I certainly wasn’t expecting this twist, but these few seconds really captures emotion. I can imagine this song on a movie soundtrack, as it is one of those songs that could be fitted to a scene.
“Hook Line and Sinker” brings us back to the rock/pop name the boys are living up to. It is a typical pop song, with all of the musical energy put into the chorus of the song. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach and the track will easily be a crowd pleaser and is a promising song for the boys.
“Tomorrow and Forever” begins with the comforting repetition of a guitar picking pattern. Again, sounding a little country-esque, but I like it. The tempo picks up a little and I found myself swaying and tapping my foot almost instantly. Lyrically this is a very strong song for the boys. The structure is simple, but this is what makes it more enjoyable. It is not all over the place and it creates a very calming atmosphere.
The award to the best opening track goes to “In This Moment.” I honestly think it is bloody brilliant and reminds me of “Bleed American” by Jimmy Eat World. An intense amount of high energy is kept throughout this song and the backing vocals are a nice touch as they add more power and emotion into the track. This happens to be my joint favourite track on the record for the fact that it is just so upbeat and energetic. I cannot even pick a fault with it. I have been humming the tune since my second time listening, so that can only be good, right?
“All the Little Things” closes the album. It begins with a recognisable riff which is used during other parts of the song. The track has a Lostprophets-feeling to it, but I enjoyed it all the same. It continues in the theme of the rest of the album and is a very fitting ending.
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Check out our Artist Profile on the band here.
Rating: 9/10
Release Date: August 17, 2010
Record Label: Unsigned
Recommended Tracks: “Need You” // “Next To You” // “In This Moment”
For Fans Of: The Audition, All Time Low, You Me At Six

- Bekka Collins, The Sound Alarm

For the Broken is that special album you find yourself listening to on long drives, late nights and early mornings. Its the perfect body of music to ease you out of summer season and into the fall. Each song takes you into moments of nostalgia-induced daydreams - where you remember the place in your life that relates most. Its not young music or old music.....its human music. The perfected instrumentals coupled with authentic lyrics and strong vocals, add a sense of reality that everyone can feel connected to.

The album paints varied portraits of relationships, love and broken hearts. "Riptide"is a strong rock ballad about the confusing end of a relationship where one is fighting the inevitable. Then there are the energetic Rock tracks "Here We Go" and "In This Moment" where one questions the mistruths from their partner. Comprised of Terence Healy (Lead Guitar), Adam Carrington (Lead Vocals), Mike Nuzzolo, (Bass & Vocals) and Ben Trudeau (Drums), One Step Away has created a refreshing body of music that will surely reaffirm and seal them as Pop/Rock sensations.

Check out more from the band at: - SIR Magazine

For The Broken opens with "Here We Go", a catchy active rock tune with big hooks and a memorable chorus. It's the sort of catchy power ballad/love song you simply can't get out of your head, and Adam Carrington's classical vocal training is not wasted here. "Need You" is in much the same vein, although perhaps quite so catchy as "Here We Go". "Next To You" is a lovelorn ballad that has the potential to be a big pop hit. All of the elements are here for top radio success... "Riptide" is a song of longing; of searching for love amidst rough currents..."Riptide" has a great melody and a fresh feel..."Hook Line And Sinker" finds Carrington at his best in a big dynamic rocker with real pop punch. The song is infused by the joy and optimism of love, and One Step Away spices up a simple arrangement with interesting instrumental textures and subtexts in the arrangement. The potential for "Hook Line And Sinker" is huge, as it combines One Step Away's intense pop musicality with an open, honest songwriting approach that resonates. ..."In This Moment", which straddles the line between big-time pop/rock and adult alternative niches.
The result is an album full of songs you'll find yourself humming/singing well after the disc has stopped spinning.
--Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World - Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

For the Broken CD Review:
I had to focus on the songwriting, musicianship, and overall talent of these young men. In all instances they are totally locked in to be stars. The most impressive thing about these four guys is their musical abilities and how together they sound. Adam Carrington has a good vocal range and style and it is not annoying and repetitive, which kept me listening and washed away the stereotypes rather quickly. Terrence Healy is a first-rate guitar player, peeling off riffs like it was second nature, and the rhythm section action of Ben Trudeau (drums) and Michael Nuzzolo (bass) are equal to the task, making this quartet a power pop act to be reckoned with.

I think every track is radio ready and a potential hit for this band. This is not my typical listening experience and I would not seek out this type of music but that is a matter of personal taste. I do know talent and potential when I hear it and this band has it all. I know for a fact there are millions of kids out there that will eat this stuff up. If a major label misses picking up One Step Away they will be kicking themselves in the pants for eternity.

There is a predictable formula here with the music and lyrics but that is what sells folks so they are on the right track and dare I say…One Step Away from fulfilling all of their aspirations.

4/5 Stars
- Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

"One Step Away combines the energy of metal with the melodic drive of
mainstream rock, and brings its own unique and welcome spin to
classics as well as original material. I love it. They appeal to all
-Anne Cordwainer, author of _Modern_Magic_ - -Anne Cordwainer, author of _Modern_Magic

"They are tight." said Sandy Moore, owner of Circle S Productions, a booking agency and promoter. "They came out rocking and never let up."

When asked if she would book this band, she replied:

"Absolutely! The tightness, I was amazed—some of my bands are not that good. [They] were great." - Sandy Moore, Circle S Productions

“You guys are all really, really cute. You vibe well together.” Melissa White, Jam’n 94.5, 2009
- Melissa White, Jam’n 94.5, 2009

“You’ve got the RIGHT STUFF! You sound so well rehearsed. You’ve got a way - there is something about you. You have success written all over your faces.” - Candy O-Terry, DJ. Magic 106.7, 2009 - - Candy O-Terry, DJ. Magic 106.7, 2009

“You fill the stage and that is what I love to see: a band that gets up there and explodes.” – Charlie Farren, The Joe Perry Project & Farrenheit - Charlie Farren, The Joe Perry Project & Farrenheit

“I am really, really blown away. I cannot get over how tight you are. Everyone is locked in and solid. You guys have solid songs. Being in bands all my life, I know what goes into sounding that tight and being that solid. You guys are fantastic.” - Michael Sweet, Vocalist of the band Boston and Stryper, 2009 - Michael Sweet, Vocalist of the band Boston and Stryper, 2009

One Step Away – One Decision
2008, One Step Away

Andover, Massachussets quartet One Step Away has taken the Boston music scene by storm, winning the Boston Music Festival’s Alternative Rock genre in 2008. Led by the lyric rock lead vocals of Adam Carrington, One Step Away blasts away with a heavy rock sound that borders on Prog and 80’s hair-metal sounds with big guitar solos, big choruses and an arena-ready sound. Their debut release, One Decision, debuted in December of 2008, just seventeen months after the bands inception.

One Step Away opens up with In This Moment, a wonderfully musical and melodic hard rocker that contrasts the melodic musical chaos of Terrence Healy’s guitar work and the lyric nature of Adam Carrington’s voice. This is an incredibly dynamic rock song that will grab you by the shirt and won’t let you go until it’s done. Over The Edge is a big, bruising guitar rocker that sounds like Metallica with Slash sitting in. Run Away is a driving rock song that’s perfectly positioned for Modern Rock and Hard Rock radio formats. It’s the most blandly commercial song on the EP but still a pleasant listen. The Space Within is amazing introspective and reserved in comparison to the first three tracks, and displays some of the range One Step Away possesses.

One Step Away is a rising dynamic force in Boston. It’s easy to see how they could be the next big thing from the Boston scene to rise to national prominence. Time and sales will tell, but One Step Away looks to have a very bright future. One Decision is a great intro.

Posted by Wildy at 5:10 AM
- Wildy Haskell

“You look great on stage. The girls are melting at you.” - JJ Wright, DJ. Oldies 103.3, 2009 - - JJ Wright, DJ. Oldies 103.3, 2009

“You’ve got it all. Your songs are great. Your vocals are great. You are terrific- a very tight band. You are charismatic and you have just cracker-jack energy. You really telegraph great positive everything” - Joyce Kulhawik, Entertainment Reporter, 2009 - Joyce Kulhawik, Entertainment Reporter, 2009

“I mean this in only the nicest way --You guys are like the Jonas Brothers on steroids. You bring the sense of joy and fun to rock and roll which is what it deserves to have.” - Barry Nolan, Emmy Award winning television journalist and commentator, 2009 - Barry Nolan, Emmy Award winning television journalist and commentator, 2009


FOR THE BROKEN CD (Full length album of eleven originals) August 2010. Here We Go, Next to You, Riptide, Need You, Hook Line and Sinker, Tomorrow and Forever, On My Mind, In This Moment, Wide Awake, You Said, All the Little Things. ALBUM TEASER EP November 2009. ONE DECISION EP November 2008.

New album is coming in fall 2012!



Charismatic One Step Away puts a new twist on Pop|Rock. Blending the energy of All Time Low and Boys Like Girls with the vocal talents comparable to the best of American Idol, buzz about One Step Away is spreading across the globe.

One Step Away first began in 2007 when friends Terence Healy (Guitar) and Mike Nuzzolo (Bass) began playing together. It wasn't long before Adam Carrington brought his classically trained voice into the mix, helping to define the sound that would become associated with One Step Away. An EP later, drummer Ben Trudeau joined the fray. The path since then has been an upward one, with larger and larger gigs from coast to coast and won several regional and national competitions for songwriting and performance. In early 2010 One Step Away dove into the studio to create their first full-length studio album: “For the Broken” which earned them wins of: the Break the Band Contest and the Clear Channel and iHeartRadio Get Discovered! Contest, casting them into their National TV debut on the MDA Telethon in front of 40 million viewers across the country. This spring, One Step Away appeared mainstage at the Kiss 108FM Concert at the Comcast Center Amphitheater.

As of today, One Step Away has shared the stage with Hot Chelle Rae, Carly Rae Jepsen, Enrique Igesias, The Wanted, Gym Class Heroes, Andy Grammer, Outasight, Dev, Neon Hitch, Adam Lambert, Flo Rida, Karmin, Jojo, Sammy Adams, Drake Bell, Nate and Alec Wolf (Naked Brothers band), Jordin Sparks, Il Volo, Jon Secada, Rich Sambora, Greyson Chance, A Rocket to the Moon, Cute is What We Aim For, Early Morning Blues (with Brian Johnson formerly of Boys Like Girls) and Darius Rucker and appeared on hundreds of national and local TV and radio stations across the country including: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CWN, MNT, IND, TELEMUNDO, WCRB,WBZ, WCTX, WNAC, WSBK, WPXT and WXKS KISS 108.

“I do know talent and potential when I hear it and this band has it all... If a major label misses picking up One Step Away they will be kicking themselves in the pants for eternity.” -- Keith “MuzikMan” Founder

"For The Broken" is already one of my favorite releases of 2010. With the right dosage of pop and rock being administered the boys have created something rather unique.. if this album is anything to go by, One Step Away will be the next big thing!"
- Bekka Collins,

Their list of achievements is growing rapidly:
• Winner, Clear Channel iHeart Radio "Get Discovered"! Contest, 2011
• Nominee, Independent Music Awards, Pop/Rock Album “For the Broken”, 2011
• Featured Artist, Unsigned Band of the Month,
• Alternative Press Magazine Issue #269, December 2010
• Featured Artist, Breakout Magazine, January 2011
• Featured Artist, SIR Magazine, September 2010
• Artist to Watch, Skope Magazine, December 2010
• Featured Artist, The Sound Alarm- ‘Alerting you first of the hottest new music’, 2010
• Featured Artist, C.D. On Songs, 2010
• Featured Artist, The Buzzin Box- where music’s next superstar is discovered, 2010
• Next Big Thing, Alternative Addiction Indie Artist of the Month, November 2010
• Winner, Boston Music Festival Alternative Rock Genre, 2008
• Winner, Breaking the Band 10, “We Are Listening”, December 2010
• 4x Winner & Finalist - Community Auditions, 2009
• 2x Winner, Berklee College Scholarships from TCAN Battle of Bands, 2009
• Winner, Haverhill Rocks, 2009
• Winner, Famecast Rock Stage, 2009 [competing with over 2800 other Rock Bands]
• Winner, Music On & Up Showcase at the Hard Rock Café, 2010
• CMJ Spotlight Artist, 2010
• Semi-finalist on RJL Memorial Pay it Forward Battle of the Bands 2011
• Several Sync/Master Use contracts for over a dozen MTV and Showtime TV Shows

“You are charismatic and have just cracker-jack energy. You really telegraph great positive everything."- Joyce Kulhawik, Entertainment Critique 2009

“I think you guys are amazing. You are really tight. Everyone is locked in and solid. You guys have solid songs. You are fantastic.” -- Michael Sweet, Vocalist, Boston and Stryper bands, 2009

“One Step Away is a rising dynamic force in Boston. It’s easy to see how they could be the next big thing from the Boston scene to rise to national prominence.” --Wildy Haskell, Editor/Writer of Wildy's World, 2009

Venues Played:
Kiss Concert 2012 at the Comcast Center (MA), Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk Stage (CA), Boston Harborfest (MA), Whiskey A Go-Go (CA), Boston City Hall Plaza (MA), Waterfront Park (MA), MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods (CT), Showcase Live at Gillette Stadium (MA), South Point Hotel and Casino (NV), Topsfield Fair (MA), Fox Theater (CT), The Club at Foxwoods (CT), Hard Rock Café (MA), Hyannis Concert Series (MA), House of Blues Front Room (MA), Brighton Music Hall (MA), Six Flags Magic Mountain (CA), Six Flags New England (MA), Six Flags Great America (NY), Six Fl