One Step Forward

One Step Forward


We are One Step Forward. We sound like us. Our influence is Love itself, and Love is creative. Life, its experiences, the people in our lives, the decisions we make, the actions we take (or don't), the things that make us laugh,cry,shake with anger, wince with regret...these are our true influences.


One Step Forward or Justin and Kate met in the summer of 2006. Kate has been writing songs since she was 12; Justin has been playing guitar since he was a wee lad, taught by his mother(who is a folk singer). Kate came to Justin asking if he could put some chords to her words, and the instant music was like magic. Since then the two have collaborated on various songs, but they began to play together regularly in January of 2009, recording and performing at different venues.
Their sound is re-defined on a weekly basis, as the two have many musical interests and like to experiment. They bring variety to the table, creating songs of all different genres and depths of emotion - some songs are light and fun, while others contemplate the meaning of life and various injustices.


One Step Forward will be releasing a EP Feb of 2010.

Set List

Fixes Don't Come
Billy Shakespeare
The Interview
Cranberry Vodka
The Morning Clear
Slipper Socks
Breakfast With
An Ode to the Polar Bears
OSF Christmas Original
Hello Wendy
In Distress

some covers include songs by the beatles, she and him.