One Step Further

One Step Further

 Oregon, Illinois, USA

One Step Further is best classified by their bassy breakdowns, meaty guitar riffs, deep lyrics and uplifting choruses. After much hard work, they have finally found their style, and are now just looking for a big break to show everyone what they've got.


In year 2007, a group of guys decided that their love of music could be contained no longer. They decided to come together and form a band. They started out as a modern rock band, with Zach Smith doing the singing. However, through the years, they progressed to a Bullet for my Valentine style, and finally to the Metalcore style they play today. Zach realized his pure talent as a screamer, Tiffany Izer was picked up for melodious clean vocals, and Braden and Tyler realized their passion for creating bassy breakdowns. They are now influenced by bands like Asking Alexandria, We Came as Romans, Motionless in White, and Woe is Me. At this point, after gathering plenty of stage experience, One Step Further plans on making a demo and possibly getting signed. They've always dreamed of one huge show where they could get themselves known, like VIESHA.


One Step Further's original songs include Faceless, Back Up, The One, Equilibrium, and Drag Me Down. Drag Me Down is a tribute to a friend that was lost in a car accident in '07, and is quite simply not our style anymore. A recording of this song exists, but due to its inconsistency with our current style, it is not available for listening currently. If you would like to hear our band perform, type in Randomflixman on Youtube, and look for One Step Further videos.