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"Study Breaks Interview"

One Step Program
By: Amanda Patrizi from Study Breaks Magazine

One Step Program is a local band in Austin with a whole new look for
the music industry.
Using a wide range of sound with their synthesizer guitar and drums skewed with
a program on a laptop, they bring a whole new meaning to genres because there is
nothing that they compare to. On the daily, they’re just a threesome of
regular guys you can enjoy one, or many pitchers of beer with. So if you’re in
need of some entertainment for a party, these are the guys to call.

Lead Singer: Jake Unknown
Synthesizer Guitar: R. Dubious
Drums: Wakefield

Q: What made you three decide that you wanted to start a band?

Jake: well Wakefield and I were random roommates for a while and R. Dubious
was a producer from one of my original projects.
R. Dubious: Well that didn’t really work out but we remained friends and then
I kept trying to have him help me produce other things and that’s when Jake
realized that if he was going to spend all that time helping with someone
else’s project then he might as well start his own instead.

Q: In your description of your band on MySpace, it says that some of your music
is raw dance mayhem. Care to elaborate on that?

R. Dubious: it’s like electronica, hip-hop. The guitar playing itself is more
about Terminator X (from Public Enemy). Ezra Pound once said “When music gets
too far from the dance, it dies”. That’s what we’re trying to bring back.
Jake: Uh, who is that? Another way to look at it is like when you’re on
ecstasy, not that I’ve done it or anything, but when you hear about those
trips when their in a dance club and all you do is feel the music and that
energy. That is raw dance mayhem.

R. Dubious: Like when there's a sound in your head when you’re in that state
of mind. We are based on biochemical rhythms that are innate to every human
being that you’re just not used to hearing.

Q: That’s some deep shit man, so here’s a complicated question, what
artists/bands inspire you the most?

Wakefield: Coming from a jazz background, Buddy Rich, 311 as far as drumming
goes, and P. Funk
R. Dubious: Sam the Sham, Zapp & Roger, and Buddy Holly.
Jake: it’s more like individual songs that inspire me really, but
regardless I will say that early Ween really shaped what I do. They just do shit
that we will never hear anywhere else. Oh, and Poison by Bel Biv Devoe will
always be the greatest song ever.

Q: What’s your dream venue to play at?
R. Dubious: What we are really looking for is to do house parties, barn
parties, frat or sorority parties, it just feels like we can work with whatever
we want that way. As far as Venues go… Taco Land in San Antonio.
Jake: Burning Man Festival.

Q: What do you do away from the band?
Jake: Doctor
R. Dubious: Lawyer
Wakefield: Dentist

Q: Anything you want to add?

Jake: In five years, hopefully we will be playing at some cool festivals.
Also, none of this could be possible without the help of R. Dubious.
R. Dubious: Cool Ranch Doritos and Fireman Four Beer are the best combination
Wakefield: Agreed.
- Study Breaks Magazine

"Kaos Radio"

Kevin Schooley, Austin CitiZine Magazine, -
- In my time knowing One Step Program, their work has always risen above the standards set for both
the genre in which they records as well as of those set by many musicians in Austin, often referred to as
"The Live Music Capital Of The World." The work of One Step Program evokes a sharp mixture of oldschool
simplicity in the beats with Zappa-meets-Kool Keith lyrical work where tongue is firmly planted in
cheek. Production values aren't sacrificed whatsoever, as One Step Program’s recent LP "Three"
provides clean, concise tones and levels. In this information age, it's easy for music in general to
become oversaturated; bands can get lost in the shuffle in no time. The musicians involved with this
project have showed staunch potential to rise to the forefront of Austin's rap and hip-hop game with
style and substance, a combination that is often taken for granted. - Austin Citizine Magazine




For those music fans out there with a deep appreciation for short attention spans and twisted mind-sets, we have the answer. Come out with a closed mind and spread sarcasm freely amongst the regular, straight laced losers that you see wandering the streets. There is no time left to worry about the outcome of tomorrow. We are here to offer you a musical statement of grand proportions.

One Step Program is the brainchild of non-social/non-political activist Jake Unknown. With the help of Stanley R. Dubious and Swayld Wakefield, One Step is now hitting the live scene. Keep your eyes peeled and prepare yourself for an onslaught of raw dance mayhem. And just when it becomes too much to handle, relax and ride the silky smooth waves of funktastic flow jams. One Step Program offers an electronic hybrid sound with all original material and one hundred percent attitude.