One Step Program

One Step Program


Electro Funk - Synth Rock - Pick Your Time and Place - Bring Your Face - and all the Amps and Sh#t for the Bass


For those music fans out there with a deep appreciation for short attention spans and twisted mind-sets, we have the answer. Come out with a closed mind and spread sarcasm freely amongst the regular, straight laced losers that you see wandering the streets. There is no time left to worry about the outcome of tomorrow. We are here to offer you a musical statement of grand proportions.

One Step Program is the brainchild of non-social/non-political activist Jake Unknown. With the help of Stanley R. Dubious and Swayld Wakefield, One Step is now hitting the live scene. Keep your eyes peeled and prepare yourself for an onslaught of raw dance mayhem. And just when it becomes too much to handle, relax and ride the silky smooth waves of funktastic flow jams. One Step Program offers an electronic hybrid sound with all original material and one hundred percent attitude.


Set List

Set Includes 10 - 15 Songs - All original music - 45 minutes to an hour long