One Street Over

One Street Over

 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

This highly experienced, dynamic Northwest group fronted by former Nashville artists Michael Lewis and Bridgette Lewis performs as a duo or a 5 piece and features some of the area's most reputable players. They are in demand for corporate events, weddings, fairs, cruises and festivals.


One of the top performing acts in the Pacific Northwest, One Street Over features studio Jedi/Guitar Wizard Michael Lewis, along with powerhouse vocalist Bridgette Lewis, formerly of Nashville, Tennessee.  Along with directing One Street, Michael is the co-founder and band director for the Prog Rock Band “Inventioning” with ties to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend, Jon Anderson.  Bridgette is the lead vocalist for both One Street Over and Inventioning as well.

As a busy studio producer, engineer and session player, Michael has credits on almost 60 albums and music airing worldwide. He has eight endorsements and his own line of electric guitars (Michael Lewis Guitars.)  He has toured internationally and worked with several legendary artists.  Bridgette Lewis is a vocal coach, studio engineer and session vocalist who has also done work for major label artists. While in Nashville she performed with a number of major label musicians including the rhythm section for Lady Antebellum.

One Street Over has several projects in the works and is inviting folks to support their ability to create new music and videos through their Patreon page (OneStreetOver.)

 The name of the band is easy to remember because "No matter where you are, they're just One Street Over."


Beyond The Curve

Written By: Michael Lewis and John Mayer

Beyond The Curve
Words by John Mayer and Michael Lewis. Music by Michael Lewis
©2005 Specific Harm Music/Jazz For Jesus Music (ascap)

I keep a note I wrote right here..
on this taxi receipt. And it says,
“Don't trust advice from a guy
wearin’ Mojo shoes on a size 13 feet”
you can hit the big time for a nominal fee but you’ll lose friends when you fulfill your dreams

I’ve been there and it’s left me scared And I don’t know if I wanna know

What lies beyond the curve
Could it be rainbow colors and
Pots filled with Gold
Or will I be left in an old time theater, watching the show alone
Hearing the ticking of the projector as it drones

Take a look at the scars and scrapes, my heart’s got bruises and breaks.
You see I’m Dangerously committed, to see just how much more I can take. It’s been like three long years under water now, and I’m
Lookin’ a little blue But my faith
Is taking me deeper and deeper

I’m still here and I’m still scared
And I wonder what there is to learn out there. Beyond the curve, beyond the curve

Will it be rainbow colors
And treasures untold
Or will I be left in some old time theater, watching the show alone
Showtime is indefinitely postponed
They ran out of film but the screen says to turn off your cell phone.
I guess I’ll reload my popcorn and change my ringtones.

Beyond The Curve
Wishful thinking, fountains for drinking, Cool breezes blowin’ beyond the curve. Gold on the street, heavenly beats, a royal meet and greet. Beyond The curve… can you tell me what I’ll find
Is there a way to define… Beyond the curve.

The Sun Still Shines

Written By: Michael Lewis

The Sun Still Shines
By Michael Lewis ©1999
Jazz For Jesus Music ASCAP

Standing there, waiting at the bus stop
City park, not far from here
l'm downtown, there's no one around
But the sound around make's it hard to hear
Somehow laughter's still going on.
No matter how hard things get,
don't let it put an end to your song...

(Chorus) Cause the Sun Still Shines
Despite any clouds above
And your heart will shine
If you keep on walking in love
Keep walkin' in love

Rusty Pipes waiting for the sandman
Sweaty arms and a fresh coat of paint
Across the street there's a cross on the church top where a
Rusty man can become a saint.
Inside, prayers are still going on
Two thousand years, after all we've been through
Nothing's put an end to the song ( chorus)

(Bridge) Just As long as your heart is beating
There's a place for you to shine
Just as long as the sun is shining
There's a love for you to find


One Street Over's Snapshot project is no longer in print.  Currently they have a single out called "LA Boys / LA Girls." A new project is slated for release in August of 2018.

Set List

One Street Over has over 300 songs on their playlist.  Here's a sampling by genre:

Pop and Recent Hits

Clarity John Mayer

Happy Pherrel Williams

Home Phillip, Phillips

LA Girls (LA Boys) Charlie Puth

Like I’m Going To Lose You Meghan Trainor

Rolling In The Deep Adelle

Sunday Morning Maroon 5

The Fighter Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood

Uptown Funk Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars

Rock/Classic Rock/Soft Rock Hits

Africa Toto

Don’t Stop Believing Journey

Dreams Fleetwood Mac

Footloose Kenny Loggins

Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac

Our Song Matchbox 20

Owner Of A Lonely Heart Yes

Private Eyes Hall and Oates

Ride Like The Wind Christopher Cross

Smooth Santana/Rob Thomas

Tuesday Afternoon Moody Blues

Soul / Motown / RnB  / Funk

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Michael McDonald 

Because You Loved Me Celine Dion

Best Of My Love The Emotions

I’ll Be Around (Hall and Oats Version)

Let’s Stay Together (Motown)

Last Dance Donna Summer

September Earth Wind and Fire