One Take

One Take

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

An eclectic mix of Americana, from bluegrass and the blues to latin and reggae music. A group of 4 musicians who play a variety of acoustic instruments and percussion and sing with full harmonies. We love to play music and can play a mix of originals and covers for over 3 hours.


Daryle Keefer - Guitar, vocals, and percussion

Daryle Keefer’s repertoire of powerful and poetic original songs were the reason One Take assembled in the first place. Daryle’s roots are steeped in both American pop culture and ancient eastern tradition. He is the embodiment of the diversity that is the spirit of One Take. Daryle writes songs that change dynamically and may give way from bluegrass into reggae, with sensitive and sometimes profound lyrics.

Danielle Aslanian - Guitar, vocals, violin, ukulele, keyboard, percussion

Danielle Aslanian is a recent arrival in St. Louis from northern California. Don’t let her humility and quiet charm deceive you, she has a lion’s voice. If there is one quality that will cause One Take to stop you in your tracks as you are walking past, it is the sound of Danielle singing. A violin and guitar instructor by trade, Danielle plays with an intuition that belies her theoretical background.

Dennis Ward- Upright Bass, vocals, keyboard, percussion

Dennis Ward grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and though he now lives in St. Louis, he still moves at the southern pace. Dennis is the glue that holds One Take together. Not only does he lay down the foundation with his solid bass lines, but as the music theorist of the band, he keeps things in order.

Brian Corbett- Percussion

Brian Corbett is also a native of St. Louis, but has only recently returned to his home city to go to school. He originally became interested in percussion on family work trips to Haiti, as a young boy. Brian brings reckless abandon to One Take, as he plays music like he does everything else, by the seat of the pants. Perhaps that’s why the islands can still be heard in his unique rhythms.