One Thirty Nine

One Thirty Nine


Dark and thought-provoking, this alternative band harkens back to the guitar-orriented alternative rock/pop of the eighties.


The relationship of the members of One Thirty Nine go back to the late eighties when Lance Kinney, Brian O'Halloran and John Tipton were part of the electronic dance band "The Touch Gallery". Dennis Merritt joined in 1992. The group performed and produced two full-length albums until the band split in 1994. Lance Kinney joined Super Dream Pill, while John and Brian wrote music together as Drowning Man in Austin, Texas. Dennis became a regular in several Austin Six Street bands until the group reformed as One Thirty Nine in 2001.

The band has a wide range of influences including Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Police, Rush, U2, New Order, Sound Garden, The Church, Blink 182...


"Into the Darkness" (2003)
"Skeleton" (2003 - single)
"DreamSong" (2003 - single)
"Surfer Girl" (2003 - single)
"Let It Go" (2004 - single)
"Going Down" (2004 - single)

OTN tracks can be heard at, CD Baby (re: 139),, and many others. Look under "139" or "One Thirty Nine".

Set List

Our typical set list includes 50 minutes of original music, plus one occassional cover song (a U2 or Peter Murphy tune).