If Indie Rock, Pop-Punk, and Garage Rock had a threesome, 1000 would be the crispy, chewy, salty, sweet, satisfying bacon in their morning-after hangover breakfast...


A pop-punk drummer, a indie-rock songwriter and a garage-rock guitarist walk into a bar on craigslist...1000 is the punchline.

The following account is completely factual:

1000 was immaculately conceived in the virgin womb of craigslist on St. Patrick's Day, 2007. Jeff Liggett, Chad Collmann, and Chad Winkler collectively decided that their late 80's post-punk influences were a little too fun to forget, like wearing a Halloween costume for a few days after Halloween. They immediately started whipping-up some good old-fashioned chemistry in garages, basements, and studios, before settling into a storage unit that became their Mesopotamia, their "Fertile Crescent". They settled down and raised a family of songs educated in local bars. Several songs were wiped-out in a Thinking Fellers Union plague of 2008, but the band recovered to breed stronger songs that would become the first full-length album, "Extinction Will Have All of the Momentum", titled in honor of the songs that died so the album could live free.


"Prelude to Extinction" EP
"Extinction Will Have All of the Momentum" LP

Set List

We play 60-90 minute sets including such wallet-emptying hits as:
"Please Be Kind to Me, Boothand"
"Bullseye or Bullshit"
"Shaded by Vultures"
"The Top of the Abyss"
"Rollin' Over the Fuzz"
"The Complete Works of the Half Man"
"Old Broken Halves"
"Too Old for New"
...and much, much more!!!