One Thousand Years
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One Thousand Years

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Band Rock Blues


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"One Thousand Years - Chateau de la Spaceman"

"... hitting the ’70s pretty hard – from the sci-fi glam of Bowie, to the powerhouse six-string assault of The Nuge, through to a touch of Skynyrd’s southern-rock – Chateau De La Spaceman is sourcing some awesome music, and the band have the chops to play it all convincingly… "

"... this one has a fantastic starting point from which to grow..."

- Mike Wafer - X-press Magazine - X-Press Magazine

"One Thousand Years - Chateau de la Spaceman"

One Thousand Years have a full rock sound with some great vocals and big harmonies. They are a tight group with a professional sound. What they have produced is not something new, but it’s something good.

-Julia Sykes, - Julia Sykes,

"One Thousand Years - Chateau de la Spaceman"

It’s pretty clear that this isn’t a band intent on breaking the mould in their chosen genre. Borrowing heavily from the 70’s rock canon, the immediate comparison is with The Black Crowes.

- Simon Forman, - Simon Forman,

"One Thousand Years - Chateau de la Spaceman"

They say “it can’t be done again” or “it’s been done leave it alone”, well these boys are doing it, and by the sounds of what they are producing they are loving what they are doing, I would love to see a live show so I could see the crowds loving them also!

- Anita Donlon, - Anita Donlon,

"One Thousand Years - Chateau de la Spaceman - SINGLE OF THE WEEK"


Record store workers, get out your sticky labels, I'm coining a new genre for this record: "tasteful hair metal". Though this local EP definitely bears the influence of Motley Crue and Aerosmith, the production drags it kicking and screaming towards early '70s glam rock. Much of it reminds me of Poison's cover of Suffragette City, but there are other well-digested influences here too, from Rage Against the Machine to southern rock. There is a scene starting to emerge for hair-related music in this city at the moment. The shows are fun to get drunk at, but One Thousand Years are the first act to come up with a memorable CD.

- Tomas Ford, The Drum Media
- Tomas Ford - The Drum Media


Debut EP - Chateau de la Spaceman, available direct from the band or through iTunes.



In an age of pop icons and indie fads, One Thousand Years inhabits a piece of the universe in which both time and space is entirely their own. Their music is, in a word, rock; their sound is as if Muddy Waters joined Led Zeppelin and they started playing Ziggy Stardust.

One Thousand Years arrived one sunny afternoon in mid 2006 amidst white lab coats and a haze of chemical fumes. Chris (vocals / guitar) and Cam (guitar), then university students, had just found out that they shared an eerily similar taste in music and a burning desire to put together a great rock band. The duo was very much influenced by the classic rock sounds that are best enjoyed when cranked all the way up to eleven.

Meeting for a casual jam one evening with long time school friend Kale (drums) and the jazz / funk / metal influenced new comer Geoff (bass) they knew after the first note that something great was happening.

The following months and years saw One Thousand Years continually striving to become proficient song writers and performers, playing countless local shows with high regard.

In late 2008, after the sudden departure of drummer Kale, One Thousand Years recruited youngster Brenton - who is influenced by the fast paced punk-rock styles of the nineties.

The diverse influences of the band, as well as their remarkable song writing and musicianship are captured in every heart pumping live show and on their debut EP titled Chateau de la Spaceman, which is currently available.

Only the future knows what is in store for One Thousand Years…