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"Here's My Story"

Live- Not Dead @ The State Bridge Resort, Bond, Colorado
By Ellen Daley

Do not be fooled by the stuffy name “resort”, meaning, “a place providing recreation
and entertainment especially to vacationers.” State Bridge Resort, in Bond,
Colorado is the perfect place for the vacationing- entertainment seeker. Be aware,
however, it is not a day spa or especially a night spa. This is a place where you
shouldn’t have to worry about your health. If you are fragile- this place is not for
you. Down the road in Vail about 20 odd miles, there are many, many spas. This, pay
attention, is not one of them.

With the grand and unbelievable line- up of musical entertainment the past week of
my vacation, this was not about taking a vacation it was just for the pure pleasure
of the music. And to be honest- I am a connoisseur of resorts, and more
importantly- perhaps the most important element (besides the basic four) to me – is

In complete shock, wonder, and happiness- I found THE band, the One Time Experience.
A warm up band for my band (term of endearment), The Radiators, they were– because
of many things, the most exquisite band on the planet, oh Heaven. They were the
stars, the planets, and the galaxies- a complete solar system orbiting The
Radiators, and then some.

I had the impression from their name that they were just a one gig show, but,
thanks to the Rads- their friends, my boys, was a gala concert festival. Think of
the Grateful Dead, and, well… worth any kind of camping experience/inconvenience.
But be very sure- this was a place of reckoning and this band is a universe to be
reckoned with.

To be continued… - Mary Ellen - Independant

"One Time Narrative"

This is my narrative about live music, a point in time, camping in a yurt, and a
confluence of events all leading to the new band in my life, One Time Experience from Winter park. These wildly talented Colorado natives
are the best thing out of Colorado since The Fray. Soon to rival Big Head Todd and
the Monsters, they are a “see them while you can band”. See them now or pay to
see them At Red Rocks soon. The were the opening act for The Radiators, but after a
couple of sets, they were so brilliant, my joke was “Radiators, who?” - Mary Ellen

"One Time Still Having A Good Time"

One Time still having a good time

by Stephanie Buss

One Time was once Fraser Valley’s little secret, a small southern-rock band with the kind of soul and grit that filled local pubs with dancing feet. The band still draws local crowds throughout Winter Park and Fraser, but like most good secrets, One Time’s talent couldn’t be contained on this side of the Divide for too long. Today the band’s five musicians have close to 125 shows under their belt, which include venues throughout Colorado, Wyoming Idaho and Utah, and they plan to continue touring after this summer. “We want to press on,” said Chris Williamson, rhythm guitarist and vocalist for One Time. “If we can grow, other things will fall in line . . . we can be tighter. ”Williamson and his four band members feel they have been fortunate with their band’s success, especially coming from a resort town where it’s difficult to stay together. In fact the band did split up for a short period in 2002 when the original bass player for One Time, Mike Hoge, left for Boston to go to dental school. “Everybody vacated the area,” said Williamson, who himself left for Seattle. Ian Morlock, One Time’s drummer who joined the band in 2000, left for Atlanta, Georgia. Matt Holliday, lead guitarist, vocalist and song writer, moved to Meeker, a town three and a half hours away. But it didn’t take long for things to fall back into place. The band even found a new bass player, Tom Camillo, who grew up in Buffalo, New York, and keyboardist Craig Thomason, from Kentucky. All five band members grew up under different musical influences ranging from Frank Zappa to Widespread Panic, but the differences in style is what makes the group come together. “It’s like the Olympic rings,” Williamson said. “We’re not on top of each other, but we have this crazy cross-over . . . there’s all different combinations and ideas, which brings in all kinds of influences, from folk songs to jazz to bluegrass. It’s nice to mix it up.”

The band does get a lot of influence from the Grateful Dead, Williamson said, along with other southern rock bands such as the Allman brothers. But One Time plays more than 100 cover songs, according to Camillo, which allows them to cater to whatever crowd they’re playing to. The band also has 15 original songs and a “fist-full waiting in the wings,” Williamson said. He added that it has been difficult in the past for the band to get together and write songs.
“This summer, our goal is to get together and write music as a band.”
Williamson, 38, was one of the original players in the band. He and Holliday, who lived in the Valley at the time, met up in 1999 through mutual friends and started playing songs together, “a two-man acoustic guitar deal,” Williamson said. The band slowly evolved since then. Holliday, 34, from Montana, mostly grew up in Denver. He recently decided to move there permanently again with his wife and two daughters — a welcome change for Holliday who for years used to drive almost four hours to get to gigs. Camillo, 31, now lives in the Winter Park Highlands. Camillo knew Holliday through mutual friends as well, so when the band was “looking” for a bass player, (Williamson said the band wasn’t really looking for one, Camillo luckily just fell into their laps) he got a call from one of the band members asking him if he’d like to play with the band sometime. But Camillo was a guitar player, not a bass player. “I told them, ‘as long as we get together before a show and practice some songs’ . . . so they call me the day of the show and say ‘hey we’re playing at the Pub.’ I was thrown in the fire pretty quickly.” After two and a half years, Camillo has played 118 shows with the band. “I actually consider myself a bass player now,” he said, smiling. Camillo is also a realtor at Century 21.

The man who called Camillo was Ian Morlock, 28, who plays drums for the band. Morlock joined One Time late in 2000. He was in the same circle of friends as Holliday and Williamson and sought the same shows as they did. One night while the two were playing at the Winter Park Pub, Morlock, who had a unique drumming background in symphonic percussion, decided to play along with his Djembe, a west-African drum.
“He would play bongos . . . he had a background in a lot of different percussion,” Williamson said. “Then one day he said, ‘I bought a drum kit.’ ”Morlock has been with the band ever since. “We all just hit it off,” Williamson added. “It was so easy . . . people just joined to have fun.” Craig Thomason stumbled into the band at a Widespread Panic CD release party in Denver. The band had been asked to play by Cecil P-Nut Daniels, a well-known horn player from San Francisco who has played along with Widespread Panic in the past. The band felt honored that Daniels was asking them to be the backing band at the party — Daniels used to play with One Time in Winter Park, and he was always encouraging the band to grow. Although Holliday couldn’t - Stephanie Buss - Grand County News


"Experience" is our first full length independant release.

Live @ The Gothic Theater 5-26-2005

Live in Park City 6-11-2005

*Live shows are released as free recordings and One Time strongly encourages the copy and distribution of them for music collector's everywhere.*


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hello everybody out here in cyberspace and welcome to the official One Time Sonicbids page. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. We know that there are a million choices out there in music, so thanks again.
Well, where to begin? I guess at the beginning! One Time is based out of Winter Park, Colorado. It's a growing community in the mountains and our main attraction is the Winter Park/ Mary Jane ski area. Music has always been a major part of the Winter Park culture and One Time was formed on that very principle. A bunch of dudes who were all looking to have some fun playing rock music for their friends. Well, as all things do, the music has progressed and the tour schedule has gotten much bigger. One Time currently tours all over Colorado, as well as Utah & Wyoming a few times a year. We average about 60-70 shows a year, even though we all have full-time jobs! Our music can be described in many ways, but we like to call it "Coutryfunkifiedrootsrock". Original music comes out every few shows and we have an extensive list of covers to choose from nightly. We get our influences from all over. Name a few? OK. Let's see. Johnny Cash, Widespread Panic, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Snoop Dogg, The Allman Brothers, etc... It's hard to name them all, cause there are so damn many and the list keeps growing everyday.
Over the years we have been honored to share the stage with bands such as, Bonerama, Cyril Neville & Tribe 13, Oteil & The Peacemakers, Melvin Seals & The Jerry Garcia Band, The Radiators, Ekoostik Hookah, Cecil "P-Nut" Daniels, Spoon Fed Tribe, Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormans, Eric Mcfadden, & Wally Ingrahm. One Time has also played with numerous local bands from Colorado. The future holds many things for us, including a new studio project in the fall and some bigger tours spanning the nation. Thanks again for checking us out and we hope you enjoy getting to know One Time. We look forward to seeing you all on the road and meeting new friends every stop we make. Thanks and remember "Enjoy Yourself One Time"!!!!!!!!!