Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders

 Los Angeles, California, USA

"One of the great gems in California rock"
David Dorantes- Houston Chronicle


New record: "WE ARE THE ONE" by One Tribe Nation. Available For Download and Streaming.


"One of the great gems in California rock"
David Dorantes- Houston Chronicle

"The deepest Funkadelic vibe Ive seen since Herbie Hancock dropped acid and mixed electronics and jazz"

Scott Van Veslor- San Francisco Weekly

"Black is The New Black"
Gabriel San Roman- OC Weekly

Selected as one of "The best songs involving progressive politics in 2011"
Chris Steele- Denver Examiner 


Michael Sanders and One Tribe Nation is a band that proudly represents the hidden beauty, and multi-dimensional spirit of Los Angeles today. Their latest release, "We Are The One" offers a thoughtful, and provocative glimpse into the American soul, and life, in Southern California, at the dawn of a brave new century.
Stylistically, this album builds upon the Latin Funk energy of Michael's critically acclaimed debut "Servants Of A Lesser God" which featured performances from members of Santana as well session and touring musicians from the Rolling Stones to Ricky Martin.  This time, however, Michael has expanded his one time solo project into one of the most interesting and diverse collaborations that The City Of Angels has to offer. Opting for a true democracy instead of absolute creative control has surprisingly made the album more cohesive than Michael's previous efforts. "The concept of a One Tribe Nation is based upon the simple idea that, as a species, our similarities outweigh our differences, explains Sanders.  We believe that One Tribe Nation represents many of the most colorful, and positive aspects of life in Los Angeles by virtue of the group's cultural dynamic, musical diversity, and positive ideology."

The current line of One Tribe Nation is  Michael Sanders on guitar, lead vocalist Quetzal Guerrero, on vocals, David (Young Professor) Cowan on drums, Daniel De Los Reyes of the three time Grammy award winning Zac Brown Band on percussion, and Toly A. Ramirez Guerrero on Bass.  With the new lineup in place, and with guidance and wisdom provided by producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee) 2014 is shaping up to be a defining year for the concept of a One Tribe Nation.


It's Time

Written By: One Tribe Nation

We gotta reveal these lies that we trust in every day.
Especially the ones that keep us all afraid.
Gonna fight back with our courage and will.
Don't stop the burning. Let your mind be still.
Gonna take back that which was stolen from us.
A right to exist in a world that's just.
Gonna fight back with our hearts and our spirit.
Put your fist in the air, all my people, if you feel it.

It's time!
It's time!

There is so much to be done, it's hard to know just where to start.
But the feeling is strong with passion for this art.
Gonna fight back against all of the oppressors.
This game only falls to the aggressors
Gonna take back all that was lost in the night.
So oblivious to all that was in plain sight

For those who have fallen under the progression,
For those who are victims of social oppression.
It's never too late to have your voice be heard.

It's time!
It's time!

(Spoken word)
Things grow and things change
And before we even have a chance to react
all we know is washed away in a wave of the new and the strange.
It's simple yet complicated, all the same...
in this small frame of thought we call the brain
ready to break away from the secure and the sane.

Set List

It's Time_(OTN)
The Only One_(OTN)
We Are The One_(OTN)
San Francisco_(OTN)
The Enemy_(OTN)
Free My Pain_(OTN)
Room To Breathe_(OTN)
Don't Let Me Down_(OTN)
Becky's Song_(OTN)
Mended Heart_(OTN)

One Trick Pony
Beneath The Sun
Sons Of The Sky
Amigos Del Diablo
Anantia Muscaria
El Porto
Underworld Circus Part 1
Servants Of A Lesser God
Hijos Del Cielo


Merci Merci Me: MARVIN GAYE
Black Magic Woman: SANTANA
Oye Como Va: SANTANA
Guajira: Santana
Amor Verdadero: Afro Cuban Allstars
Evil Ways: SANTANA
I just want to celebrate: RARE EARTH
Batuka: Santana
No One To Depend On: Santana
Amor Verdadero: Afro Cuban Allstars