One Truth

One Truth

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
BandSpoken Word

One Truth's A Capella sets are extremely diverse and fits his material to the audience. One Truth's live band sets are nothing short of entertaining. Tries to bring the crowd to the show and not the show to the crowd.


The question is 'What can One Truth not do?'
One Truth is probably one of the most diverse poets in the nation - being able to perform in the seediest of bars to the most profound universities to the innocence of children.

-One Truth is a national and international talent. Has performed and featured in cities such as New York, Madison WI, Amarillo, Canyon TX, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Jacksonville FL, Miami, New Jersey, Buffalo, Boston, DC, Baltimore, Charlotte, Hampton, Atlanta, Albany GA, Columbus GA, Orlando, Tampa, Detroit, Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toronto, Flint, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, Oakland and Vancouver. Also has performed at several colleges such as Hiram(annual), Muskingham(annual), Bradley University, Tri-C, Cleveland State University, Ohio State, Akron U and U of M/Flint. Has appeared on NPR and has even performed at The House of Blues in his home town of Cleveland OH.

-Performed in front of 3000+ people two years in a row (05' 06') at a function called Voices & Choices a Northeast Ohio Regional Town Hall Meeting

-Performed in front of several thousand people two years in a row (05' 06') at the SIEU Conference held in Columbus OH where in 06' had a chance to perform in front of Gov. Ted Strickland

Living up to his namesake, he speaks realism every time he grabs the mic. One Truth's A Capella sets are entertaining and riveting mixing laughter, love, life and message. His live bands sets are entrancing and engaging with a mix of upbeat and slow groove making the audience feel like they are receiving a real show and keeping there attention from start to finish.
His first installment 'Life.. In the key of poetry' brought out his ability to mold the smooth rhythms of a live band along with the 'truth' of poetry.
One Truth's second album Soundtrack to Life : New Beginnings is a natural marriage of soulful hip hop (not rap) beats and pure poetry. The title spawns his adventure of pursuing his career of being a full time artist. No one knows what is next for this gifted artist, but you can always count on his presentations to be mind blowing.

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My Soul Hurts

Written By: One Truth

My soul hurts
Is was feels like time is slipping
Minds are weeping
Hearts are pouring out tears of lost communication
This is hell
Life in the fire spawned in the belly of the devil who has eaten us whole in these times of gluttony
And we taste good by continuing to make ourselves appetizing
First and second course meals
Even dessert
Slowly digested in the bowels of flame
Excreted as the feces of the universe
Constipated manifestations of new niggas new crackers new spiks new camel riders new wetbacks
BUT rarely developing into new PEOPLE in a new consciousness in a new day in a new time
But at the same time slowly forgetting that each day the sun is setting that we live regretting that light shines even if the clouds are gray
So instead of counting the rays we focus on the blue
In not so clear skies the limit to how you react to overcast in the small little world of what you may be going through
And I know the rain falls
Cause I've weathered my on thunder storms
But if the forecast calls for better days then I just want to live long enough to see the times when children are beautiful again
And not liabilities
And not power pieces in games of deceit
And not mistakes of passion
And not raised by grandmas
But raised by the village
And I want to see neighborhoods come back
Because maybe then we could understand each other again
And it's so sad that I can walk down the streets of Cleveland Ohio and look into a brothers eyes of the same race as me
That look like me talk like me walk like me
But not know where he is going or where he's come from
And as he walks on by he fades into to time
Because we never took time to get to know each other since DISCO since BREAK DANCE since MALCOLM since MARTIN since FIGHT since STRUGGLE since CRACK COCAINE SEVERED THE TIES
So conspiracies of grand design do work
And as I walk backwards down the street looking a my brother disappear I want to yell to him 'STOP'
But he can't hear me
Because in his headphones he's bumping Little John
And in mine I'm bumping Thelonious Monk
And we're both walking because gas is to high
Hum du Allah
And all because our country filled with religious Christian extremist...
Well they're saying it's war time
But Jesus Christ and Mohamed haven't been able to save us
But have allowed us to kill ourselves in the name of?
The father the son and the holy ghost
But if all praises do to Allah...
Then hallelujah...


Life... In the key of poetry / Released July 05'

Soundtrack to Life : New Beginnings Released Apr 08'

Expression Sessions / Released May 10'

Set List

My A Capella set can range from 10-20 mins. to 1hr
All original work
Sample of my typical 20 min set
My soul hurts
Silent screams
Woman in a red dress
Wet Knowledge
Don't we look beautiful?(half of the poem teaser)
Window Pane

My live band set can range from 20-30 mins. to 2hrs
Consisting of original rhythms to poetry over cover tunes
Sample of a 2hr set I did at Muskingum College where I did two 1hr sets with about a 20 min break in between
(First set)
Intro theme (Usually a rendition of Prince's Rainbow Children)
R-Train Uptown
Vision (Bass line from a Parliament song)
Wet knowledge (Marcus Miller bass line)
A love piece
Steel Magnolia
Back in the days (Bass line from James Brown's Funky President)
(Second Set)
A life turned tragic
What is tomorrow?
Window Pane
(Selected poem over Barney Miller theme)
(Selected poem over Red Clay - Jazz standard)
Flashing Lights (Flashing Lights by Kanye West)
Outro (Introduce band)