One Two Tree

One Two Tree

 Santa Barbara, California, USA

"Their music is addicting!" - a direct quote from the many fans who see their shows. With a unique blend of old school reggae and a laid back Hawaiian feel, One Two Tree has built a dedicated and growing fan base! To find out more, visit


ONE TWO TREE... Sweet, soulful, rootsy, and addicting is the best way to describe this group of talented musicians. With their enchanting vocals, stylish mixes, and intoxicating grooves, it's impossible to see one of their performances without swaying to the music.

The group, based on the west coast of California in beautiful Santa Barbara, currently boasts a great set of musicians. Some, doing double duty as current members of the internationally acclaimed reggae group, Black Uhuru with Andrew Bees. Now if that doesn't say talent, I don't know what does!

Although the band resides in Santa Barbara, their roots stem from the Hawaiian Islands, to the South American coast, and all the way out to the shores of Jersey. Utilizing this flavorful mix of cultures, these musicians know how to hold down a reggae groove (as in the song Downtown), and they also know when to let the music explode (as in the song Run).

If your mind, body, and soul are in need of a tropical island vacation, then you must come groove to the magical sounds of ONE TWO TREE!