One Umbrella

One Umbrella


Hovering between synthetic and organic, meticulous composition and improvisation, silence and raw noise, One Umbrella create sounds that are uniquely melodic, yet always living at and exploring the boundaries of musical sound.


Comprised of Quebron and Novella, the Austin, TX-based duo challenge opposing values using a variety of sources and composition structures, taking cues from such figures as Brian Eno and Glenn Branca as well as noted labels Orthlorng Musork and Mego. They have self-released three records since forming in early 2003. XPXPV is a set of improvisations from the band's early sessions, released later that year. Consider the Opposite, an experimental EP split down the middle with the second half perfectly mirroring the first, followed in early 2004. After XPXPV went out of print, the band collected several of its tracks as well as other unreleased pieces to release Kompilatione in late 2004. The first Tell-All Records compilation, also released in late 2004, featured two tracks from XPXPV as well.

The Solve EP presents two pieces from Consider the Opposite, including four tracks which anchor the center of the album. This suite highlights the duo's creative use of reverse tape. The EP also features three new tracks from an as-yet-untitled LP on Tell-All Records. The strength and diversity of these tracks highlight One Umbrella's proficiency - from the overt harshness of xestyl to the reluctant build of bells chiming throughout the atmospheric eintrocinc.

Though the sounds they create cover nearly the entire gamut of potential sound, all of One Umbrella's music shares the same goal: the exploration of new ideas in music, consistently testing boundaries and challenging the listener. The Solve EP is a testament to their past efforts and offers a preview of their upcoming work.

One Umbrella showcased at the South-by-Southwest Music Festival in 2005 and completed a small tour of the West Coast in summer of 2004, which included stops at The Knitting Factory in LA and San Francisco's Hemlock Tavern with Badman Recording artist Lanterna.

The duo has shared the stage with a diverse range of artists including Jad Fair, Old Time Relijun, Single Frame, Lanterna, Parts & Labor, Oscillating Innards, & The Octopus Project.


Solve EP (Tell-All Records, 2005) - In heavy rotation at WFMU, 91.1 FM, in New Jersey. Currently in the top 200 of the RIYL unweighted charts and charting on college radio stations in Texas, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Virginia. Also receiving radio airplay in France, Germany, and Poland.

Tell-All Records Sampler, Vol. 1 (Tell-All Records, 2005) - Features two tracks by One Umbrella.

Kompilatione (Self-Released 2004) - Out of print.
Consider the Opposite (Self-Released 2004) - Out of print.
XPXPV (Self-Released 2004) - Out of print.

Set List

Our typical set ranges from 30- 45 minutes. Includes material from our recent release Solve, as well as pieces from our earlier albums and new material.