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"One Under"

Sporting two recently departed members of the long-running and nationally known jam outfit Ekoostik Hookah, One Under is a new improvisatory venture by percussionist Johnny Polansky, guitarist Ed McGee, bassist Matt Aurigema, drummer Seth Kafoure, guitarist Mike Iannicello and keyboard player Rob McCormick.

Working to combine the elements of rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban, Latin and pure funk, One Under has been busy over the last several months, truly coming together as a band not only personally, but musically as well. If all goes as planned, 2006 will be a watershed year in terms of touring and growth.

A number of samples provided on the band’s Website give the listener the idea that not only is the band working hard to create unique, original compositions, but that the compositions themselves will have the ability to truly take shape in the live setting.

Head-bobbing funk rock gems layered with crunchy guitars and Allman-esque twin guitar lines reside alongside laid-back, Latin-tinged organ grooves, reminiscent of the Freddy Jones Band’s ability to incorporate super-catchy melodies and grooves that interest the guitar rock crowd.

- High County News

"On a Mission"

When I first sat down with the members of One Under recently for their first formal interview, I could see this was a very eager group of individuals ready to take on the daunting challenges of the music industry. Noticeable almost immediately was the level of energy and enthusiasm that this sextet from Columbus, Ohio, was emitting. As we all gathered to sit and talk about this project, their ambitions and the live performance, I could sense that One Under had chemistry and a swagger to them that exuded true confidence and determination. Formed earlier this year, One Under consists of a varied cast of musicians from many of Columbus’ finest local and regional acts. From Ekoostik Hookah, Mary Adam 12 and Ma Rainy to the Shantee, Ark Band and Toast, there are many central Ohio musical avenues converging into one identity in the music of One Under. “We all seem to have this feeling that the band has so much potential and that this environment is really special. I see us making a statement and having an impact on the music scene,” says Johnny Polansky, percussionist for the group “Free range chicken, no limitations,” quips Matt Aurigema, the band’s Bass man and tribal elder with definitive enthusiasm. He then states more seriously, “"I believe One Under to be one of the most challenging, positive musical experiences in my 20 plus years of playing. One Under makes me want to be a better player, and I find myself looking forward to our rehearsals.” Polansky jumps back in with, “I like that this group combines a very diverse cross section of so many of my personal musical influences that had an impact on me in my growth as a musician. It makes it so much fun to create in that kind of environment. It makes the sacrifice worth it.” His smile indicates this as it rides from ear to ear.

A light breeze and the nearby splashing of a fountain set a relaxing tone as I sit with these musicians and the conversation tends toward the lyrical component of the band's compositions. Ed McGee, lyricist and guitarist, ponders the question I present of what it’s like writing for and with One Under as opposed to his writing environments in the past. With thoughtful insight, McGee says, “This is the first time I've written lyrics for another person's music. And while I love the new music, it's music I'd have never thought to write (I'd have never been able, to be honest). So writing lyrics for these great One Under songs has been like learning a new language in another country. My mind is filled with new visions that I can describe with a new vocabulary. I find myself composing and structuring just as I always have, but at the same time I feel like I'm bushwhacking through new territories. It's exhilarating.” Mike Iannicello, lead guitarist for One Under and one of the most smooth and fluid guitarist I have heard adds, “Working with Ed (McGee) and sharing musical interests works very well for me creatively. It offers both of us a different palette from which to write and create. It helps me specifically to open up and explore as a writer myself.”

When the question about the name One Under came up, all of the gentlemen clammed up after saying that this was their secret and quickly moved on to the much more comfortable topic of music and live performance. Robb McCormick says slyly and with the cool demeanor of a hipster, that when he’s on stage with One Under, “It seems as if the band is molded into one energetic force that combines to rip your head off and at the same time make you feel incredibly comfortable. The sheer level of musicianship and the collaborative effort of the band has surpassed anything I have ever experienced.” Seth Kafoure, the drummer and youngest member of the band throws in, “Being around this much musical experience has taught me how to be a better listener and better leader when I need to be. It has been amazing because there is so much to learn from such seasoned players. It has really been both humbling and invigorating”

As this very fresh group of musicians sit in front of me, it is clear they are having a wonderful time with what they are doing. Their aura seems to mimic the spring day in which I met these musicians for this interview; blossoming as players and writers of music full of renew. They all quickly drifted off from being interviewed to casual and genuine conversation among friends. Although I knew for a fact these players had been together only a short time, after listening to their music and seeing them interact together, I knew just as well that someday I would be seeing One Under amongst the upper tiers of rock and jam music.

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- CMH Lifestyles


One Under-One Under-Studio Debut CD-2006
One Under-Live In Toledo-2006
One Under-Live In Dayton-2005



In a historic High Street club in Columbus Ohio, a young Mike Iannicello and Johnny Polansky met for the first time and struck up an immediate friendship. Through the next thirteen years, these two musicians would cross paths in both musical and non-musical situations and continue to do so on and off during that time. From multiple jazz and funk jam sessions to sharing a flat on West Como with Mongo while both going through divorce, these two continued to have a musical respect for each other rand always said they would someday share the stage full time together. Those days seemed to be fading as Polansky was deeply entrenched as a full time member of Ekoostik Hookah for 8 years and working occasionally with bands such as CJ Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band, The Wailers and Bob Weir with Ratdog. Iannicello was ready to move on from Columbus and head west when his long time friend hold on a second lets start a band
In February 2005 the band enlisted keyboard extraordinaire and songwriter Robb McCormick of The Shantee, an extremely in demand player in the region, from Columbus, the young drumming phenom Seth Kafoure who has been swinging since the ripe old age of 3, and multi talented Singer/Songwriter/Rhythm Guitarist of Ekoostik Hookah Ed McGee who brought to the table a sincere devotion to the art of lyrical content and songwriting. By early 2006 both McGee and Polansky had left their former band to focus on the music of One Under. After founding member and bassist Matt Aurigema left to pursue his own musical endeavors, former Lollipop Factory outstanding bassist Pat Kenney has come aboard to round out the sextet.
Johnny and Cello have never let the fire die or have forgotten their dream. They continue on in One Under with the dedication to the craft of music those two young musicians who met, drank, laughed and talked about music in a smoky bar on High Street.