One Undone

One Undone


A tornado wrapped in a blizzard, nestled in a tsunami.


One Undone is a professional rock band formed and operating out of Seattle. They have played such notable Seattle venues as the Comet, the High Dive, the Blue Moon, and many others. They play challenging rock music that is gaining recognition in their home town.


Musical Comedy

Written By: One Undone

If music should find itself static
if one day the rhythm is not present
i will push my fist to the center
of the skill i knew, when it is down, an infinite way...

we work towards a murky vision
that complicates along the way
relying on form that can mean anything you imagine

if our link should find itself distressed
if one day the rapport is not ready
i will stretch into any one will
and the love i knew, when it is gone, an infinite way...

we work towards a clearer vision
that conjugates along the way
a countless foray into working
in the way that you wanted
seems you've dug your hands into earth
and found another new worth
and fear became a child.

as i exist here with you
i don't want any illusion to get through
honest and sometimes a liar
you as a god can oppress your surroundings
lay into waste, the habits and holdings
that never should grow.

above the stunted curious
below the ancient alibi
watch the interior begin to break
suddenly everything appears awake.


Set List

Our sets can be tailored to any length.