one union

one union


Musically, we are the culmination of rock music influences from the 60's to today. From early American folk, to rhythm and blues, to soul, and today's rock and roll. Our words are the story of what we have lived and breathed and what we know many will hear and identify with.


One union began with two people meeting at the right place at the right time. Kevin, being recently divorced and full of music, meets Mary, on her way to becoming an actress, her childhood dream, and full of words. They meet on a doorstep of an apartment that led to the creation of many songs of heartache to the excitement of falling in love again. From stories of their past to the hope of a better future. This continues for the next few years, creating a musical diary of the transformation of these two souls to what has now become a partnership in songwriting that speaks to the hearts of those who have heard what they have recorded. Both have different musical backgrounds, Kevin, brought up with rock and soul music from the 60's, Americana and folk rock, grunge from the 90's, to today's adult alternative music. Mary, listening to everything from 50's and 60's rock, classic rock of the 70's and 80's, country music, to rap and dance music of today. Together it brings a wide range of musical influences that make up the unique sound of One Union.


Walk Along

Written By: one union

I don't know how I got to here.
But I got to keep on moving.
It's too dark to see in front of me.
And behind are bridges burning.

So I walk along
One foot in front of the other
I try to be strong
Though I want to run for cover
I make my way
And it's a very slow progression
Maybe I can find myself again

I don't recognize this face
And this home is not familiar
I've gotten lost along the way
And I don't know how to live here

So I walk along
With no one here to guide me
I try to be strong
But this fear is real inside me
But maybe one day
Through a very slow progression
Maybe I can find myself again

So I walk along
Though no one understands me
What went wrong
God, I wish I had the answer
But I can't stay
So with one foot in front of the other
Maybe I can find myself again

I don't know how I got to here
But I got to keep on moving