One World (R)evolution

One World (R)evolution

 Austin, Texas, USA

Conscious rock music for the (R)evolution of awakening!




It’s always a dynamic, organic experience when singer/songwriters—after a period of creative transition—awaken their higher consciousness, lock in on the next level of their musical journey, and emerge with a vibe that transcends all that came before. Believing that one must first evolve before experiencing a true revolution of conscious awakening, Astrum, the Austin, Texas based lead singer of One World (R)evolution, emerges from the indie shadows as “The Green Vegan Rawker” to release her band’s appropriately titled debut album Transitions.

Reflecting her commitment to a healthier lifestyle and the preservation of Mother Earth, Transitions includes remastered versions of songs she released as a solo artist, plus the explosive mission statement anthem “Get Your Green On.” The kickoff track is about greening up the planet by greening up your diet—conveying her belief that the most significant thing you can do to help the environment is to go vegan. Emotionally and spiritually, Astrum has experienced a deeper connection to The Universe and her Higher Self since becoming a vegan raw foodie, consuming mainly raw plant foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds) in their most natural state.

The spiritually expansive, musically compelling 14 track set focuses on her longtime artistic focus of self-empowering listeners, but taps a deeper emotional aesthetic because of her recent personal transformation that led her to start “walkin’ her talk.” Balancing heartfelt and deep thought provoking lyrics, with edgy guitar driven pop rock hooks, Astrum brings to her One World (R)evolution a sense of raising her personal consciousness, her fascination for the law of attraction, and a unique approach to lyrics involving conscious language (choosing positive present tense wording).

No stranger to Transitions throughout her career, Astrum—who counts her greatest early influences as 80s metal--started out as the drummer for San Francisco based punk band Private Outrage. After receiving a business degree from the University of Miami, she began performing in South Florida before moving to Nashville for a few years, where she established herself on the local scene and gigged everywhere from Kentucky to Mississippi and the Atlanta Pride Festival. She also lived in NYC for a spell and has gigged in California and Hawai’i while releasing well-received independent albums under her given name Cheryl Hill. While gearing up with the release of Transitions to do more live dates with the band, she is also currently showcasing as a solo acoustic performer.

“The songs on Transitions are about real life emotions and situations I have experienced, presenting problems and finding solutions and putting them all together to make sense of my world,” says Astrum. “I like to get people to think, go deep within themselves to create paradigms which will help them be more consciously awake. People have forgotten their inner power to create and choose. We have a choice and we are in control of our lives. I like to explore why we make certain choices. This collection is a gateway to how I will evolve musically. ‘Get Your Green On’ is about who I am right now, explaining that you think you feel good until something happens to make you really feel good. It’s hard to explain that unless people feel that for themselves. There’s a deep connection between physical cleansing and spiritual awakening.”

Another personal song is the jangling pop/rocker “Voice Is Calling”, which she wrote about a time in her life when she was emerging from a very dark period. At a time when she hated the world, she heard that voice inside her head which she calls “my Higher Self knocking on the door of my heart, telling me to love myself for who I am.” A key line is “If you take the time, learn to love yourself, you just might find, that you can change the world.” “Dare To Be Different” finds her challenging people to question their beliefs, be true to themselves, and be proud of their differences.

“Every artist loves a different part of the musical process,” Astrum says, “and for me, that’s when I perform live. Even when I’m very inspired, sitting down to write a song seems like work to me, and being in the studio recording it and making it perfect is also a long process. But I love becoming this alter-ego super star on stage, because in my day to day life, I am pretty introverted and shy. Being up on stage, whether now with the acoustic guitar, in the future with One World (R)evolution, or way back when I played in Private Outrage, is always the place where I feel most alive."


Let Love In

Written By: Lux Lucis/Schlackman/Alec/Pietro

It’s all around us
It fills the air
Can you feel it now
It’s everywhere
And I wonder why
We choose to deny
We separate
And choose to hate

We’ve got to open up our hearts
We’ve got to make a brand new start
And let love in

Embrace the world
Without a care
Let your guard down
And don't despair
No I can't believe
The webs we weave
The games we play
It’s such a shame

Stop The Insanity

Written By: Lux Lucis/Alec/Cooper

I hear the lies every time I turn on the TV
(They’re everywhere)
I see the truth obscured with what they try and feed me
(Do you see it too?)
I taste the blood on our hands from all the lives that we take
(Blood on our hands)
I smell the stench of the crap that we blindly tolerate

Look beyond the media
They sell you lies
They keep you blind
See outside the black and white
The paradigm that controls your mind
Fraud, deception, and hypocrisy
Misled society
Stop the insanity

I sense the fear in our hearts from all the terror we’re sold
(And it get’s me down)
I feel the lust of the flesh as the next story is told
(Have you heard the news)
I think we all need to see this is not reality
(We all need to see)
I hope we all wake up before the last calamity

BRIDGE (over A section):
Urgent newsflash:
You are being programmed.
You are being deceived.
You are being manipulated.
You are being anesthetized.
You are being controlled by fear.


Written By: Lux Lucis/Alec/Pietro

Who's to say we're right
When we use might
When we take lives
A sacrifice
We pay the price
Pay with our lives

And if we don't change
End the pain
We're all gonna die
Before our time
Say goodbye

Move into the light
Where love shines bright
It’s only right
Come let’s rejoice
We have a voice
We have a choice

Cuz if we don't change
End the pain
We're all gonna die
Before our time
Say goodbye

Cause if we don't change, and we don't rearrange
Take away the pain, we're all gonna die, it's no lie

Yeah and if we don't change, no we don't rearrange
Take away all the pain, you know we're gonna die, it ain’t no lie

We can make a change, we can make a choice
We can rearrange, we still have a voice

It's all up to you
To raise your voice
Listen and be heard
Or say goodbye, or say goodbye, or say goodbye…

Get Your Green On

Written By: Astrum Lux Lucis / Ulrich Ellison

Get your green on, Get your green on, Get your green on, Go green!

I like vegetables and I like fruit
Their sexy colors and their healthy attributes, yeah
There’s somethin’ ‘bout the way they make me feel inside
All warm and fuzzy, I feel so alive

Be part of the solution
Let’s start a green revolution

Go and get your green on
Do it for yourself
Do it for your health
Go and get your green on
Make the biggest move
Changing up your food

Go Green!

Get your green on, Get your green on, Get your green on, Go green!

It’s so wonderful being green
Reduce your carbon foot print eating green protein, yeah
It is so fabulous to feel so alive
I want to shout out, I’ve got veggie pride


Go Green!

Get your green on, Get your green on, Get your green on, Go green!


© 2008 Cheryl Hill / Ulrich Ellison


Transitions - debut release July 13, 2010

Set List

Dare To Be Different
Stop The Insanity
New World
Let Love In
The Road Less Traveled
Why Can't We Love Each Other
Get Your Green On
Look Inside
The Power Of Love
Voice Is Calling
I Will Always Love You
Love Is The Answer