One Year Yesterday

One Year Yesterday


For fans of Maroon 5, John Mayer, and The Fray! One Year Yesterday is a pop/rock group taking over the college scene! Book now!


11.1.2007 Debut Album, Be There for You, now available on iTunes.

11.1.2007 Sold-out album album release party at the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood.

2007 has been an exciting year for One Year Yesterday. They have just finished their first full length album, Be There For You, released internationally on November 1st, 2007!! Some of their title tracks include, Be There for You, Fall on Me, Mr. Lonely, & Fly Away.

An incredibly well produced young pop/rock group, One Year Yesterday has an album worth listening to, and an even more enticing live show. After a sold-out album release party at the Roxy theatre in Hollywood, and expressed interest from multiple major and independent label One Year Yesterday has incredible momentum driving their music.

The most crucial part of One Year Yesterday's music is the team they have working behind them. From the fans, to their booking agent, lawyer, and management, everyone is on board to launch this group to the top.

With over 200 units sold (excluding iTunes sales report) within the first two weeks of their independent release, One Year Yesterday has an incredible start to their first full-length release.

Managment | Thomas West

Legal | Ben Mclane

Booking | General Inquiries


May 2006: Independent Release
The Intention EP
1. Fall on Me
2. T's for Intention
3. Emily
(500 units)

November 2007: Debut Album

Be There for You
1. Be There For You
2. Operator
3. Fall on Me
4. Where We Go
5. Mr. Lonely
6. Emily
7. Bullet
8. Tease for Intention
9. Fly Away
10. Overboard

Set List

One Year Yesterday has played large festivals, to the LA club scene, to private estates, and even birthday parties. They do all original material with occasional covers of The Police, Van Morrison, etc.