On Faith Alone

On Faith Alone


We are a pop rock band that brings an original sound to our music. We are driven by the passion for music and the opportunity to influence as many people as we can.


The complete and final lineup making up On Faith Alone was formed in mid-2008. Our main goal is to write and perform music that will touch people as so many others music has touched us. We feel that music is more than something you listen to, it can uplift your spirit and help you through times that are tough. Music to us is such a positive, crucial necessity. We bring as much energy as possible to our stage show and along with bringing out all our passion on stage we leave all our sweat and tears along with it. We put eveything we have into writing the best songs. We hope to have some new songs recorded and posted so you guys can hear the progress that we've made....On Faith Alone is more than a band...it is an attitude, a helping hand...a way of life


Autumn Starr - 105.7 The X

Set List

Calling You out
The Life Here After
Autumn Starr
Walk Away
The Missing
You Break It You Buy It
Changing Minds