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ONI is a hellafied lyricist and emcee with a delivery that’s sure to take the Hip Hop world by storm. Taking it to the next level, this multi-faceted prodigy’s become one of the most dynamic and versatile Artist/Producers in the Hip Hop Game.


Influenced by industry leaders such as Jay-Z, Tupac, and Buster Rhymes and pioneering greats like Tribe Called Quest and Pharcyde, ONI sets a new dimension in the life we know today as Hip Hop. Through personal ideologies and true life experiences, he creates lyrics that stimulate as well as elevate the mind, so be sure to listen close. Add to that his vast mixture of delivery styles and ONI emerges a full content, self contained artist, lyricist and producer. Introduced to a wide variety of artists and genres at an early age, his mental arsenal brings forth a vast range of musical tastes. Yeah, he’s got a lil’ something for everybody and prides himself on being just that… himself. No clone here. ONI’s the first and the last, stomping in boots few will be able to fit, much less take enough steps to claim to have walked in.

With much to say and beats that rival the industry's best, he’s doing his part in the never ending struggle to keep true Hip Hop alive. Like the old school's best, he takes what is and moves it to the level of what it can become and takes what ain't and creates a what should be in a way that insures his longevity is as sound and well received as the sparse number of legends who came before him.


ONI's current CD project is yet untitled, but the foreseeable release date is scheduled for late September '05.

Set List

Intro: Sway Wit Me
Call The Doctor
Get The Paper
Where My G's At?
PIC Coming (feat. Magic City & O'Shay)
PIC Shining (feat. Magic City & O'Shay)
Nationwide Wrecka
Outgo: Sway Wit Me
Approximately 30-45 mins. or whatever timeframe is allotted.