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West Hollywood, California, United States | SELF

West Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
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"Onicks: OC weekly"

What happens when you mix the unique characteristics of a stone like onyx with pop music? You get Onicks, an up-and-coming artist originally from San Fernando Valley who is making his way into Orange County. The edgy, glamorous artist talks to OC Weekly about his road to the world of fame and music. Check him out at OC Pride this weekend ($10, 8800 Irvine Center Dr.). - OC weekly

"Onicks Interview"

-Introduce Yourself:

Hello, I am ONICKS and I represent the Metal plated, dominant, dark side of pop music. I'm here to re-arrange your mind =).

-How did you get your start singing:

When I was a child, my parents always made sure that I was involved in school bands and choirs. I DESPISED bands (only because they had me playing the trumpet). Eventually, I began singing independent of the choirs because I always wanted to put my own spin and “craziness” into the usual classical pieces. So I broke out and began my career on GarageBand!

-Who are some of your influences?

I have two major influences. Number one is my mother. She has really experienced life! She knew that she would be a success with a hefty paycheck and a child! She started at the bottom and now sits at the top, nicely retired at a still young age. Number two is Michael Jackson. I remember being laughed at in school for being the only kid who rocked his gear, played his music, and danced his dances. If it weren’t for him, could you imagine what our music would sound like? YIKES!

-Are you currently working on an album, and if so when can we expect to see it available to purchase?

Yes! I am piecing together my album in an interesting way. I am a perfectionist and I want my first album to hit my fans like a NUKE, so I am writing each and every song and they will all be large and in charge! We will be releasing my next single “Manimal” in May, 2011! It is a powerful song about lust and the chase! As for the album, it’s a surprise.

-Fav. song to perform?

“Double Dose” is by far my favorite song to perform to the crowd! It’s about punishing the one you’re with/your ex for treating you like DIRT! I get on that stage with my beautiful dancers and I like to stare directly into the eyes of the audience and sing to them so they can FEEL the power and emotion in the song. “Why don’t you strangle me some more!” “You think you’re worth my time? I don’t wanna be your PUPPET!” Such a hard beat! Plus I get to throw on my jacket with syringe shoulder pads HAHA!

-What is the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you while performing?

When we released my debut music video for my single “Double Dose”, I performed twice and during the first performance, one of my dancers went down in a full split, and I get a bit “Psycho” on stage, and I was stomping around and my shoe came down on his leg and thank god my dancers (Barbies Addiction) are crazy as well because he flew up like nothing had happened and I wanted to carry him of stage. But the show must go on!

-Fav. band/artist of all time:

Michael Jackson

-What is something people may be surprised to find out about you?

I am EXTREMELY “hands-on” when it comes to my art. I write every single lyric in all of my songs and they all apply to my life. I wrote the treatment for my music video and everything you see on screen was created by me. I also work closely with my dancers to make sure that we incorporate the freshest and most stunning dances to perform! I live for this!

-What is one thing you’d really like to see or do in your lifetime?

I have always wanted to be involved with the government, whether it be here in America or elsewhere. I would love to have an influence large enough to change policies in order to benefit mankind.

-First concert you ever attended?

Destiny’s Child when i was very young. I went with my mother and I got to meet the girls because my mom won a McDonalds sweepstakes! The girls and I all ate Big Macs on a red leather couch as I giggled because they were all so pretty! They ate me up and pinched my cheeks!

-What was your fav. cartoon or tv show while growing up?

I was OBSESSED with Power Rangers!

-Any last words/message to your fans? (Let everyone know your links..myspace.twitter/etc.)

I love each and every one of you for the massive amount of supportIi receive everyday! Please watch my Debut Music Video – “Double dose” on youtube! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk3uvLL_P2Q). And for everything ONICKS, please visit Www.onicks.com, www.youtube.com/theonicksmusic, and www.twitter.com/onicksmusic. Thank you so much doll faces! <3 ONICKS - Put ME In The Picture

"Onicks Double Dose"

My friend Sean Willis directed Onicks’ first music video “Double Dose.” Onicks is a fierce self-styled glam rock queer artist out of Orange County. Check out “Double Dose” which just premiered at a club in Orange County:

Over the weekend when Sean was putting the final touches on the music video, I had time to catch up with Sean about directing the video.

Q: What’s your take on the artist? How would you describe his music?

Onicks, the artist in the video, is one of the most bold and daring artists I’ve met. He’s very confident in himself and his craft, and what he wants to put out there as an artist. His music is interesting to me because it has a dark edge to it, while still keeping a mainstream pop/club feel, as well as having a narrative story – which is often hard to find in a lot of music today.

Q: How did you get involved with the artist?

I was fortunate to meet Kyle (Onicks) by chance, through a mutual friend. I was looking to break into the music video scene, heard he was looking for a director for a video, our ideas meshed creatively, and we started to collaborate from there. - Queerious

"Onicks: Hype Tune"

This is the debut music video of “Double Dose” from ONICKS. You can get the single at iTunes. Very catchy tune and cool video to go with it. Check them out. Get on the hype. - Hypetune.com



"Double Dose"-Produced by Boy Rekless, Written by Onicks

"VIP"-Produced by Boy Rekless, Written by Onicks


"Manimal"-Produced by Boy Rekless, Written by Onicks and Boy Rekless

"The Takeover"-Produced by Boy Rekless, Written by Onicks


"I Die"-Produced by Boy Rekless, Written by Onicks

"Make Em' Listen"-Produced by Boy Rekless, Written by Onicks

"Magnum"-Produced by Onicks, Written by Onicks



Onicks, pronounced like the gem onyx (äniks), was born and raised in California's San Fernando Valley. Growing up he played in several structured school and advanced bands learning multiple instruments, among them: drums, trumpet and keyboards, while mastering the vocal side of music. In his 14th year, Onicks' parents retired early and moved to Broomfield, Colorado. The massive change didn't stop Onicks from pursuing his passion for music. He was cast in many musicals in high school while achieving athletic prowess as a swimming and track star. As high school ended, Onicks turned his attention to creating several video channels on YouTube.com, which in no small way, would help him get recognized as the number one "most followed person" on Twitter in Colorado, with over 400,000 channel views in his first six months. This success and performances of his older "GarageBand music" in Denver area clubs, convinced him to move back to California to pursue his art. Based in L.A.'s west side, Onicks has been performing at various venues and events in Southern California, while working with Boy Rekless of Arthouse Productions to record his club/pop/dance singles; "Double Dose", "Manimal", "I Die", and most recently "Make Em' Listen". Onicks is an edgy artist with music and performance in his veins as well as a style that has only begun to blossom. With influences from Michael Jackson to Madonna to Prince, Onicks is focused on delivering something new and unseen. Enjoy the music, enjoy the show!