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"Large crowd enjoys Honey Jam @the Hall"

One of the more unique presentations on the evening was done by Onika Best. Merging dance, drumming and a visual arts presentation together, she performed to her original song ‘I am the Wind’.

Patrons watched as she created a beautiful image of a female on canvas during her dance presentation. This was quickly followed by a performance on drums which she closed with a brief vocal rendition.
- Barbados Advocate

"Master percussionist brings Caribbean take, on Sade, Lady GaGa, and Sheila E."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 3:26 PM

Onika Best performs on Thursday, June 28. *Image supplied
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27: It’s hard to imagine Lady Gaga, Sade or Sheila E’s music infused with a reggae beat.

But accomplished master percussionist, vocalist, record producer and storyteller Onika Best is going to take on the challenge during her Neo Griot session at Chewstick tomorrow evening.

CultureFest organizer Eugene Dean said: “Her performance is a Caribbean fusion of Sheila E, Sade and Lady Gaga. She takes her audience on a visceral journey of poetry, drumming and song that transforms the conventional limits of feminine self-expression with her uninhibited passion for life.”

Best, who has been living in Barbados for 20 years, came to the island to perform at the recent CultureFest in Dockyard which was postponed due to bad weather.

She was scheduled to showcase music from her new album on the World Stage at CultureFest.

Now she will be hosting the Griot Session at the Chewstick Lounge on Court Street tomorrow from 7pm to 10pm to combine theatre, music and style.

“Onika's presence on stage is true medicine for the soul,” added Dean. “She embodies the sentiments of the esteemed Bob Marley when he says "one good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain".

Best’s Chewstick show will be used as an opportunity to mobilize local support for the CultureFest theme of "unity in the community" while also setting the tone for the Chewstick Summer Retreat that commences on Friday. - The Bermuda Sun


Blak Kla Soyl the Chromatical
produced by Paul Ignatius Springer and Onika Best
a reals Mammas boy
produced at Hit Island by Kristian Broomes and Onika Best
I am the wind
produced by Onika Best and Nicholas Brancher of steel donkey
published by Treasure Island music
El Verno Del Congo
produced by Onika Best and Nicholas Brancher of steel donkey published by Treasure Island music
woman celebrate by Onika Best and HIt Island, produced by Onika Best and Kristian Broomes



Onika Best is an elixir between the Gem of the Caribbean Barbados and the paradise seven hundred miles at sea Bermuda.
She is a performing artist in the field of music, dance, drama and design. She has performed as far as Africa and as close as Trinidad and Tobago.
Onika Best was awarded for the spirit of creativity by the commission for Pan African Affairs 2005.
Onika will be performing a new release, entitled El Verno Del Congo. She chose this piece because the 1937 riots were renamed, The peoples uprising.
The drum was made illegal in 1688 along with horns, in fear of slave communication. Then in 1826 which reaffirmed the ban on the drum and horns, in fear of slave consolidation. In 1838 the use of drums and horns were now able to play, but was discouraged.
El Verno Del Congo, brought the drum back to its Royal status , in the late 70’s. Since then the drum like the uprising, has giving our lives meaning.
The uprising was not in vain. The peoples voice is the voice of God. El Verno returns through Onika Best.