Onion Loaf

Onion Loaf

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Our music has an effect on every single person we perform for just as much as it does to us. We perform for the crowd throughout every note we play, from start to finish. Our goal is to reach out and satisfy the thirst for a funky psychedelic jam experience throughout the world.


Onion Loaf consists of James Hobgood(bass), Ben Leblanc(drums), and Eric Peters(guitarist, vocalist). Onion Loaf started in the autumn of 2008, when James and Ben decided to start a band, nay, a revolution. They immediately recruited Eric, and the tripod was complete. All three knew that 'twas written in stone that one day Onion Loaf would melt faces. The music of Onion Loaf is a blend of raw psychedelic funk, reggae, and improvisational jamming that mixes together to make amazing music. They write all their own original music, which has each individual’s tastes mixed with flares of some of the greatest musicians through history. They draw inspiration from artist such as Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Les Claypool, Flea, Victor Wooten, Jon Fishman, Stanton Moore, John Bonham, Dennis Chambers, Stevie Ray, Trey Anastasio, Anthony Kiedis, Brandon Boyd, Jim Morrison and many more gurus that they channel through the power of music. They recorded their first album spring of 2009 while young and new, still experimenting with each other’s different sounds. Since this session, their style, performance, and ability to work together has taken on new levels, challenges, and risks. Onion Loaf has soared to new heights throughout the past couple of years, growing with one another and transforming into one. The three band members have an uncanny connection that seeps through every note of pure ecstasy that they make together. They provide an amazing atmosphere in every show feeding off of the crowd, and playing their hearts out. It is obvious the love and devotion all three members have for their music, which just amplifies their natural artistic abilities. They create their music to cover a multitude of genres that their listeners find appealing and can relate to. Onion Loaf is taking the music scene by storm putting all their energy and hearts into every show they play. They are very popular in the Baton Rouge area and are working to spread throughout the south, and eventually the world. This band does not play for the fame or fortune, but simply for each individuals limitless love for the art of music. They live and play by one simple saying, “Loaf Is Life, Life Is Loaf, Loaf Is Love.”


Fee Fi Fo Funk
1. Strawberry Jam
2. Water Flavored
3. Let it Dred
4. Quadrubed
5. Funk Shui
6. Wrong Handed
7. Funkasaurus Rex
8. Polaris Centarus
9. Funk is My Middle Name
10. Mysterious Flying Paper Rain