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"Club Revolution V1 (Audio Cd)"

Every once in a while you listen to a proggy compilation that renews your view on the genre. Every once in while you luckily stumble onto a mix that is excellent. A few years ago I bought an English dance mag, now out of sale, that included every month a special mix CD. Sometimes they were appalling and really bad, with boring eurotrance or tedious electro (mind you, I love electro) and mixed by a nitwit that called himself a DJ. And sometimes you discovered you were in possession of a gem. My 'Funky Deep and Tribal' compilation of that particular dance mag is still one of my favourites: dark, deep and inspiring every minute of the day.

This Club Revolution compilation reminds me of that favourite CD of that particular magazine. It is just fabulous and I love to listen to it. The compilation is divided into two sessions: one by Jonny 20, and the other by DJ Onrika. Don't worry, I wasn't aware of their existence either, but they surely know their records and how to mix them into a very solid studio mix. The basses are not too loud, the editing is near perfect.

The overall sound of the first session is deep and hypnotizing, but very smooth and powerful. Jonny20's own mix of 'The Front Fourth' is excellent and will do great at the end of a sweaty night on the dancefloor. I also loved the frist track 'Protected' by Pole Folder: a great starter. Jonny definitely knows how to capture the dark vibe of tribal tech-house; I could easily picture myself eyes closed on the dancefloor or at any other party feeling released and in ecstacy. His session takes you to higher grounds with a certain tension that is energetic and creates a mysterious atmosphere. The typical pocketa-pocketa beat continues with every track.

DJ Onrika leads you through session two, starting with 'Do U C The Sound' by Moshic feat DJ Asi Kojack. This session is less atmospheric and sounds more like deeper tech-house. The beats per minute never exceed the fairly slow pace of Jonny that remind of the early tracks of proggy house, but the darker edges never fade. The intro, which is the first track of session two, lasts a bit long -nearly ten minutes, but blends smoothly into DJ Onrika's own 'I Can't Stand'. The use of vocals is always a very good choice, as he proves on this track. The overall sound of this session is playful, with classical sounds and bleeps and some old-fashioned trancy edges.'Is It For Real' by Audio Fly is a beautiful track, which could actually become a huge club and charts hit with mesmerising vocals and great build-up. I played this track over and over again, because it has everything I like about the genre. 3 Legs with 'Sodium Lauryl Soulfate', (a funny wink at soulful soap), produces the outtro, which isn't exactly an outtro stopping at such an interesting part of the mix. It urges you to play the CD again, right at the climax. Which I did and you should too.

Manon Zwaanstra (NL)
www.365mag.com - 365Mag.Com

"Onirika "Powerslave E.P." LDU Records"

DJ Onirika
Powerslave EP
LDU (October 2006)

Onirika is a well known female DJ in Italy - one of the few respectable ones - and during the last few years she has started producing her own tracks in order to enhance her sets and to spread the word that there can be serious attempts at electronic music in Italy. I've only just received her latest release, which comes in the form of a digital EP containing three compositions of her own, to be released through Italian label LDU.

Since I’ve heard a few of her sets through www.progressivehouse.com forums (her being a member), I was expecting something closer to the style she showcased within those sets; straight melodic or darker progressive house. Eventually, after listening to the first track, the original mix of 'Powerslave', I was quite surprised. It's by far one of the weirdest (in a good sense) tracks I have listened to as of late. It starts with some intense background atmospherics, some sparse synth pads forming a beautiful arrangement of layers and straight 4/4 beats; certainly not the most typical ones. It builds upon these elements and sounds a lot like the sound of Border Community evolving in very dark surroundings. After the breakdown, an electric synth arrives to carry the track into a totally different, darker domain and the track becomes a minimal techno squelcher of severe intensity and high effectiveness. A highlight in any dark set, which could be remixed into something grandiose, given an addition of more intricate percussive elements.

Next up is 'The Fog', more typical of Onirika's style; a dark, progressive builder with some trancier hints emerging from within. The drum loops become a bit too obvious at some point even though there is a trippy 'the aliens are coming and they look really mean'-kind of atmosphere surrounding the track. The breakdown brings an addition of solid electro stabs and an old-school Detroit feel evolves from the rhythm section (percussion and drum loops). Some cries and trance synths are added only to make it even more bizarre. Well, to be honest even though the track has some interesting elements here and there, it needs a solid rework in order to achieve a higher level of quality.

The third track of this EP, 'Verukio Morning', starts with all kinds of weird ping-ponging sounds, a white noise background giving an old-school vibe to it and some industrial noises making appearances from time to time. There is a prevailing glitch factor but this track is quite progressive in a sense since it comprises all kinds of different styles trying to create a unique blend of them all. A solid set builder; this is music for the club land but beware: this is not for the faint-hearted; it feels like a natural evolution of some of the darker trance that was around before the progressive era introducing a fresh interpretation of them within our recent times of minimalism and glitch.

Onirika has done well to upon entering the producer ranks since within those tracks I've recognized a potential personal penchant towards the dark and the trippy with quite a good result. I’m certain that with an effort of perfecting her production, she is ready to create some of the most essential tracks for connoisseurs of the dark, smokey rooms.

20-Sep-2006 S.A.L.V.A.
- www.progressivehouse.com


Andrea Doria Vs Onirika “Unleaded Armpit” LDU Records
Onirika “The Fog” LDU Records
Onirika “Verukio Morning” LDU Records
Onirika “Power Slave” LDU Records
Ellee Ven “Allergy” (DJ Onirika Remix) Hot Sauce Records
Jonny 20 ft. Onirika “Everyday” LDU Records
Freddy Mayers feat. Onirika "Lost in Tokyo" Vintage Rec.
Freddy Mayers feat. Onirika "Lost in Tokyo" (Andrea Doria & DJ Onirika Mix) Vintage Rec.
DJ Onirika "I Can't Stand" 9Records/LDU
DJ Onirika “ Land Digital Under Volume 1 Compilation” LDU Records
DJ Onirika "Club Revolution Compilation" LDU Records
DJ Onirika & DotDJ "Boglar" LDU Records LDU Records
Jonny 20 “The Front Fourth” LDU Records (DJ Onirika & Dotdj Remix)
Cristian Manolo feat. Jenny “So Dance” (Onirika & Jonny20 Remix)
Cristian Manolo “Extasy” (Onirika & Dotdj Remix)



Having been in the business for 15+ years, DJ Onirika has been setting new standards in the Italian music scene. She can be undoubtedly considered the most important and the most talented female DJ in the country. Her career started during ‘90 when she began to take part to rave parties which took place between Trieste, her native Italian city and Slovenia. Since her very first steps, she showed great musical taste, impressive technique and a nice style. Her fame grew fast, and even faster when she decided to move to Rimini in 1998. She quickly became resident DJ in the most famous venues in town, such as Classic (well known for its afterhours parties), Ecu, Echoes and Peter Pan. Onirika has recently entered the world of music production: her first record, "I Can't Stand", produced with DotDj, was released on LDU Records/9rec is still getting great feedback and rotation by some of the most famous electronic dance music DJs around the world. She worked for a long time at Discopiù DJ Shop in Rimini, the most important in the country, and she's demonstrating for Roland Italy, for Groove Gears equipments. In 2000 and in 2001 she has been the only female DJ to have run for Bybloscar, Italian award given to nightlife representatives. The colleagues that she most appreciates and that have decidedly influenced and contributed to her professional training, have also become her great friends: Stefano Greppi and Andrea Doria, people that she respects for their great professionalism and musical quality.

2004 was also the year of the "Club Revolution" Compilation (reprinted in 2006), which she mixed alongside the upcoming Italian talent Jonny20. This compilation was innovative as the first Italian progressive-house compilation, getting enthusiastic reviews on magazines such as Live, 365mag.com, Soundrevolt.com and Disc-Jockey.it. She also produced and mixed the first Italian digital compilation: Land Digital Under sold on EDM Digital Records. On November 2005 has been released "Lost In Tokyo", with her own vocals and a powerful remix produced with Andrea Doria for Freddy Mayers aka Fedex's single.

Onirika is really a true D.J., with a technique and a musical selection that countersign her for a long time. In Italy she's the only female DJ to propose alternative house music at the maximum levels. Her DJ sets have been and are broadcasted on national and international networks and web radio: among these Proton Radio, Magma Web/FM Project Italy, M20 Italy, Afterhours/Doble Nueve e Lima Live Sessions Peru, Freshradio Greece, MercurySession US and more.

From the autumn 2006 she started with Massimo Nero a brand new show on Proton Radio called Galileo.

Onirika is the founder and creator with Massimo Nero of Disc-Jockey.It; today the webzine/portal counts more than 4 million visits/month and 10000 registered users.
She’s also owner of LDU Records, the digital label that has gained lots of success all over the world in a very short time: many of its releases have reached top charts, like Balance Promote and Release Promo, have been inserted into Sasha’s Instant Live Avalon LA, Marc Romboy and Tommy Sunshine’s Systematic Sessions and Sandra Collins’ Perfecto Presents Part 2 compilations, and reviewed by the top dj magazines like IDJ and DjMag.

Many are the project set for the future, among these an interesting collaboration with Stefano Greppi’s Screen Recordings, Andrea Doria, lots of new tracks released on her label LDU Records and more on… And her reputation continues to grow…

She worked and works in top clubs all over Italy and Europe: Liz (aka Echoes), Classic Club, Ecu, Prince, Sugar Cubes Afterhour, Peter Pan and Diabolika in Riccione, Les Folies De Pigalle (Reggio Emilia), Arte Dinamika (Naples), Muccassassina and Piper (Rome), Gilda (Jesolo), Pasha (Mykonos-GR), Space and Keops Afterhour (Bucharest-ROM), Fashion Cafè (Brasov-ROM), Lipa Club (Lubijana-SLO), Fort Bourguignon (Pula-KR), Arena Blue Event (Wien-AU), MTV Valkana Beach Festival (KR) alongside artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Stefano Greppi, Flash Brothers and many more…

Meet Onirika at www.myspace.com/onirika