BandEDMNew Age

Custom layered sounds, built with programmable synths, for mood creation - and ear entertainment. Designer thinks about syncopation, and the blend of the musical components. Experience with syncing to video tips and tricks.


I focus on chord progressions, and thus mood changes. I custom modify each of the soundbanks and voices for my instruments, and create - the sound. I have written music since 1996, and have a love for well edited video. My influences are from YES, Vangelis, Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Club Djs, Enya, Deep Forest, Enigma, College Jazz radio, classical music, and movie soundtracks.


The Future of Music, released 9/2008. Looking for the Sunshine, released 9/2008. Analog Movements, released 1/2009. Nine more albums to be released, every other month into 2010. Streaming tracks are available from IndieHeaven http://www.indieheaven.com/artists/samgill

Set List

The way I set everything up, I am looking for contracts and positions to write music for film, and tv. I own 3 42u racks of equipment, and its hard to move it all, and breaks when I do. I am a professional studio musician, and work in Logic Studio, or Digital Performer.