On Lock

On Lock

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

East van rad jams.


On Lock is a three piece Rock band from East Vancouver. Recorded first E.P. Aug. 2010 with Hayz Fisher. and a second E.P. Jan. 2011 with Hayz Fisher.

Influences include: cursed, black breath, doomriders, coliseum, high on fire, converge, defeater, the blues, vancouver.


Eye of the Monkey

Written By: On Lock

We've condemned oursleve's
In the eye of the monkey
Sentenced to slavery
by our own machines
What have we done?
Dug our own grave
What have we learned?

Raw Child

Written By: On Lock

Start it up
Slam your beer
The night is yours
Raw Child
Lock it down
Get fucked up
Leave them behind
Raw Child
Another night, another floor
Another god damned dirty whore
Raw Child your going down
There's no one else to blame
Raw Child your going down
Grow up and take the reigns

Bad Brutal

Written By: On Lock

We break our backs
To earn a petty wage

Without enough to live
We give our souls away

Hot Trash

Written By: On Lock

Its coming out of the walls
Step down if you can't stand tall

Hot, Trash

The cloud is settling, try not to breathe it in
If it gets in your lungs, your life will come undone

Hot trash lead them down the path
Hot trash lead them down the path


Self Titled EP:

1. Eye of the Monkey
2. Raw Child
3. Bad Brutal
4. Hot Trash

Recorded Aug. 2010 with Hayz Fisher.

Danger Cat EP:

1. Danger Cat
2. Dirty High
3. Fast Hips and Loose Morals

Recerded Jan. 2011 with Hayze Fisher

Set List

1. Raw Child.
2. Eye of the Monkey.
3. Dirty High.
4. Bad Brutal.
5. Danger Cat.
6. Fast Hips & Loose Morals.
7. Cults of the Damned
8. Hot Trash
9. Keep Your Head Up