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Only Children


Only Children is a Chicago artist, DJ, production & design collective. We DJ, create songs, remixes, & productions for other artists. We've been compared to producers/artists Classixx, Holy Ghost!, Cut Copy, & others on the DFA Label.


We DJ, create songs, remixes, & productions for other artists.

1 January 2010
"Mark our words, disco will dominate electronic music in 2010 in Chicago and Only Children will be leading the good fight."

Press for Hey Champ- Cold Dust Girl (Only Children Remix)

Too Many Sebastians
7 Jul 2009
"Great remix of Cold Dust Girl by Only Children. It's got a cool DFA sound to it. Only Children should be one to watch out for considering this is their first remix."
17 July 2009
"So far, there isn’t too much info available about their newly formed Only Children, but it has already dropped a compellingly pulsating remix of Hey Champ right off the bat. With all the Pitchfork Festival afterparites popping up around Chicago this weekend, look out for this remix to really take off, even though it already hit #5 on Hype Machine!"

Binary Entertainment-
14 July 2009
"The track is just funky as all hell- puts this remix into the category of guys (Aeroplane, Classixx etc) that are taking the tempos down to disco levels, spacing things out, but unlike the DFA guys, layering in pads and synth leads to make some serious dreamwave. Expect good things in the future from Only Children. Any time a producer has the patience and attention to detail to flip the lyrics as well as they did is worth taking a close listen to. Moving the "Light her up and let it go" up half a bar is really a genius move and it makes this track groove a lot harder."

"I cant help but want to stay up till 6am in a dark bar watching girls dressed in black dresses saunter by me all night."

29 December 2009
Named Hey Champ- Cold Dust Girl (Only Children Remix) one of the best remixes of 2009

Press for Tigercity- Fake Gold (Only Children Remix)

Disco Demons
19 Sept 2009
"Tigercity's latest single Fake Gold received a golden shine from the Windy City's hottest remixers, the Only Children. Amazing retro disco track, totally in love with it!"

4 Sept 2009
"We're digging the hell out of this remix. Like Only Children's first remix, this treatment centers on a loungey summer disco vibe."

Straight No Chasa
14 October 2009
"this track makes me long for Friday...chillin to this uber catchy electro disco, indie rocker."

Members Only AV
17 November 2009
"Their remix of Tigercity's 'Fake Gold' has been on repeat at every party across the city for weeks."

Press for How The Midwest Was One- Only Children Mixtape

UR Chicago
16 October 2009
"skyrocketed onto the "scene" as of late with undeniably solid remixes of Hey Champ's "Cold Dust Girl" and Tigercity's " Fake Gold." The group's unique remix style has them incorporating a lot of their own live instrumentation into their reworking of tracks, usually dominated by ultra funky bass lines, which creates a really cool continuity from track to track and a "sound" that is all their own."

"The group's "How The Midwest Was One" mixtape is no exception. The one hour and 18 second mixtape relies heavily on original Only Children's original production which creates a seamless flow through the entire mix. I shit you not when I say this is one of the best mixtapes to come out of Chicago in years and we're stoked to be the first to offer this up as an exclusive download. Expect to hear LOTS more from Only Children in the coming months."
2 November 2009
"This is one of the best mixtapes I’ve been passed. It starts off decidedly funky, and then transitions into some harder electro as it progresses. I’m not usually a fan of anything electro, but Only Children have done a great job of wrapping the entire mix in a layer of smooth disco that diffuses the normally jarring, crunchy beats of the harder track selections. Everything fits together seamlessly."

Boy Kings
22 October 2009
"...Only Children, who made their "When the Midwest Was One" mix out of the love for music and dancing, and man did it turn out great. With music from Royksopp, Tigercity, Prince--need I say more?--and creating their own production for break beat transitions. This mix is so original I feel like they should have charged for it. The amount of original production makes this like a giant remix not a mixtape."


July 2009
Hey Champ- Cold Dust Girl (Only Children Remix)
September 2009
Tigercity- Fake Gold (Only Children Remix)
October 2009
Only Children- How the Midwest Was One Mixtape
January 2010
Prairie Cartel- Jump Like Chemicals (Only Children Remix)
Morgan Page- Longest Road to Nowhere (Only Children Remix)