Only Earth and Sky

Only Earth and Sky


We are Only Earth and Sky: a group of guys who enjoy music and look for making something that is creative, fun and different than what other people have heard.


Our music is a mix of different styles a genres, while also staying within the main rock genre. Some of our major influences are Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, Thrice, Moving Mountains and many others. What we think really sets us apart from other bands is that we look to create music that is fun yet different than what other people have listened to. The current trend in music , at least within the local scene, tends be that every song needs a screamo part or at least 2 or 3 breakdowns. While this has worked in the past and was done quite well, we feel that the time has come for a change in music and we hope to start this change. The band started with mike and jason hanging out on the weekends and writing fun acoustic and rock songs. Later they met their vocalist jack at a local show. That night they talked about starting a music project up and just seeing where it could go. Later a good friend of jason and mike that they had worked with in the past kevin had joined to play drums. Finally their bassist james whom was close friends of jack joined the band to complete the musical group.


We are making the finishing touches of our EP with will be released around the time of may this year. We currently have 6 songs written 4 of which will be on the EP. Our current singles available on myspace and purevolume are titled "We Will Rebuild" and "Outro"

Set List

Our sets are about 15-20 min long.
Our typical sets include:
Flowers(to be changed)
We Will Rebuild
Ninjas(to be changed)