Only eves

Only eves


Our music is familiar enough to draw you in but unique enough to deserve continued attention.


We're three guys who have been in and out of bands for years and finally came together with one goal in mind-to have a career in music. Our influences vary from Ramones to Green Day to Avenged Sevenfold to The Who and everything in between. Lyrically, we are very strong and attempt to get into any scenario of life and use our pains we've encountered in life to fuel our music. We are different from most bands, especially local, in that we play music that we like and that we want to hear. Too many bands try to sound exactly like their favorite bands, but if I want to hear something that sounds like Alkaline Trio, I'll listen to Alkaline Trio instead of some lame band trying to be just like them. Or, on the flipside, many bands will try to be so "unique" that people can't grasp their music (including the people in said band) and it becomes unlistenable after a short time. We do a good job of walking that fine line-see our "elevator pitch."
We take the bad and good in life and blend it with melodies to create our tunes. In a weird way, some of the horrible things we've gone through (drugs at home, bitter divorce, death, poverty) have been the best things that ever happened to us, because it gives us both an appreciation for what we do and the fuel to write songs that might be painful on the psyche or songs that may help someone overcome a major difficulty.
We are going to be featured on a compilation album by Purely Gangster Radio ( in a few months. We have also seen tremendous radio play from underground indie stations and college stations, most notably, Purely Gangster and DJ Rossster's Punk Rock Show. "West Coast Schooling" is the fan favorite thus far.


We have seen tremendous radio play with "West Coast Schooling," so that would be our "single" thus far. We are working on an album called "Building Bridges" that should be out by the Summer of 2010. Almost all the songs are done, with some minor things to do here and there, and we still have to mix and master everything, as there is none yet. We are excited, however, because the songs all sound great in spite of having no mixing/mastering, so the final product should be awesome.

Set List

Typical set list is:
Eyes of A Broken Home
In 30 Seconds
The Ulimate Findmuck
Dark in Here
It Happens Every Summer
Done With You
Your Best Friend
West Coast Schooling
Memory Lane

We change the order often, and also have a several other songs, such as Never Give Up, Candle/Cure for Insomnia, and Karaoke Night Hero

We also do random covers, including "Blitzkrieg Bop" and lots of snippets of songs. Also, we tend to do a "Jam Song" every show, where Ryan starts a song on bass and we just improvise it. Always a different song, pretty fun.

Our set usually lasts 40 mins. It can be longer or shorter, depending on if we add songs (which we are gearing up to start writing a new album here shortly, so they should be coming)