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Mr. I Had To Do It . . .


Futuristic is a Hip-Hop artist originally from Illinois but based out of Arizona who uses his humor, intelligence, and real life experiences to make music thats like no one else's. At the age of 21 he has already managed to gain a huge following across the united states and share the stage with some of the games biggest names. His trademark phrase "I had to do it" and his cocky but funny flow makes him distinguished while his depth and story telling makes him relatable to fans. His movement WTF (We're The Future) is bringing people together and giving them a positive message to relay to others which led to the success of his first major project "Dream Big".

Dream Big, released in February of 2011 included the 3 hit singles "Fuck you Mean" "I Got Sauce" and "La La La" who's youtube views combined for over 250,000 in the first 6 months selling singles and albums in all 50 states. The success of "Dream Big" led Futuristic on a 9 show mini tour through the westcoast and midwest where his impeccable stage presence and extreme charisma excited fans and earned him new ones. Now he is taking all of his experiences and expressing them through song on his newest project "Closer to my Dreams" set to drop in late November or early December 2012. With hopes of breaking into the industry this will be by far Futuristics best and most creative work.