ONLY HUMAN's sound is a blend of the finest old school trash with todays odd timed, off kilter math metal. Think, Testament meets Meshuggah and Candiria with a little PANTERA & System of a Down thrown in there!!!


ONLY HUMAN is a hard working, dedicated, touring metal band that has shared the stage with such acts as Cryptopsy (Century Media), Cattle Decapitation (Metal Blade), Will Haven (Revelation Records), Watch Them Die (Century Media), Something Must Die, Drown Mary (Hawino Records), Nuclear Rabbit, Lahar (Spookcity Records) Expiration Date, On The Might Of The Princess as well as many others. ONLY HUMAN has just finished and self released an epic 5 song E.P. titled "Tyranny Of Ignorance" which was recorded, mixed and co-produced by Steve Carter (HIMSA, Three Inches of Blood, Hell Promise, & Cradle of Filth). With great success on their last couple of West Coast tours ONLY HUMAN is back in the studio writing a ton of new material for the upcoming full length.


Revealing (DEMO) 2002
Tyranny of Ignorance E.P. 2004-05

Set List

Intro Music (changes all the time as does the order of the set)
1) Coevolution
2) Expulsion of Fear
3) Archaeopteryx
(short sample break)
4) Light Speed Synapse
5) Surface Tension
6) Tradition of Destruction
7) In Harms Way

8) Living in Truth
9) Human Divine

This set is aprox. 50 - 55 minutes