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The best kept secret in music


"ONE Stands ALone"

In a time when there has been a significant line drawn between mindless pop culture and true artistry in the music world, O N E's "Voodoo Doll" shows up as a reminder that good music is still being made. You just have to know where to look for it.

O N E is an acronym for Only Now Existing. James Garrett is the singer and songwriter behind the experience that blends different genres of music. That being said, "Voodoo Doll" is an album that stands on its own. A good listener will be able to hear the artistic influences. The pounding bass and synthesized attack of Ministry and the melancholy twang of Radiohead pulsate throughout all eleven tracks. While Garrett does not copy them, he merely blends them with his own sensibilities and creates his own hybrid.

This is a dark work that lurks in the shadows of human existence. In "Blackout," we have a human being beaten to the edge of sanity by society. "Now there's nothing that will beat us, nothing left to fear." It's as if Garrett is starting at the bottom and regaining sight of what led him to the place he is in. He sets his targets and jumps into "Misled" which boasts an inspired rhythm and shows the true reality of television/media.

There is a sense of deep sadness in such songs as "Reflection" and "The Ruins of Interest." Garrett also releases an unquenchable anger in the pounding chorus of "Kill You Off" and follows it in two songs where he seems to be questioning his own actions. In "Fire," he sings "I tried to face the day/Hoping that all of my feelings would be washed away/...because I see myself in your face." From there, he leads into the rocker "My Dream," where one line in the chorus growls "A lie growing that started because of me." This seems to be more than a song, but a self-realization.

The whole album spans the cycle of human emotion as Garrett criticizes those who surround him. From where he starts in darkness, he ends up in the waking light of "All That Was." This album is a journey through the consciousness of a society and human life. It questions our fears and examines the possibilities of influence. And, like all true art, it causes a sense of question in the artist towards himself, his own weaknesses, and the strength that comes from realization.

This is an album that should cause people to question what they hear from our corporate media and our Fearless Leaders. It should also make you, the listener, take a look at yourself, someone that pop culture tries to make you forget. "Voodoo Doll" is a good album where anger and sadness are mixed throughout, but there is always a sense of redemption.

This is a stepping-stone to what Garrett has in store. Given the talent, the possibilities are endless. "Voodoo Doll" is easily accessible for all music listeners, but is more of a wake up call for those who are already awake. It is an album with meaning, something that is truly lacking in popular music today. - Joseph Russo


Only Now Existing's "Voodoo Doll" is the debut CD that has catapulted the band onto the new music scene, with their songs featured in independent films and on national radio. They have hit the national mainstream and indie charts with their first single; "The Ruins of Interest."


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Voodoo Doll is an album with meaning, something that is truly lacking in popular music today."
~ Joseph Russo, FD Review

Only Now Existing (O N E) is a powerful new band from New York City who has just released their debut CD "Voodoo Doll". It is generating a huge buzz among critics and fans, opening with very impressive sales in it's opening week. Their sound blends different genres of music to create a melodic and emotional journey through themes of individuality, self-realization, and social conformity which has been described as "The pounding bass and synthesized attack of Ministry with the melancholy twang of Radiohead" (Joseph Russo: FD Review). Their debut CD was written, performed, and produced entirely by James Garrett with the exception of 2 tracks: the intense opener to the album; "Blackout," which was produced by Dan Harnett (Drill, Empire Records Soundtrack) and the anti-television anthem; "Misled" which was produced by Roger Fife (Maxi Geil and Playcolt, Ruby Blue).

O N E was established in late 2001 and has become a big part of the NYC music scene, making a name for themselves by delivering their intense and mesmerizing live performances. Their songs have been featured in a variety of independent films ("Dreams In Bleau," directed by Joe Iurato and "The Politician" directed by Robert E. Lee), and have been climbing the charts on radio stations nationally. O N E has earned interest from major record labels such as Epic, Arista, and Universal Records, yet Singer/Songwriter James Garrett says "The indie route is much more rewarding."

Only Now Existing's drive coupled with their compelling rhythms and melodies can make them one of the biggest bands of all time. Only Now Existing is a band whose songs you will not forget. Expect to hear a lot more of them in the future.