Only Thieves

Only Thieves


Catchy hooks, and great songs played by swarthy characters with questionable morals.


"It's easy to pass on so much music these days. What with the barrage of bands constantly being thrown in our faces from various social networking sites, slowly fading fanzines, and blogs. Tastemakers are constantly scrounging for the "next big thing" that can be swallowed and discarded. Where do we turn in such tough times? How can we cut the meat with so much fat? Sharper knives brandished by thieves indeed. ONLY THIEVES wield such weapons. And their debut extended play album "GREETINGS FROM LEVY PARK, T.L.H." is indicative of that. It moves you. It makes you want to move.

It's a warm hello followed by a haymaker, and the last thing you see is the bright lights of the arena ceiling as you hit the mat. The cover is a classic, and instantly recognizable tribute, and the content inside is just as ready to hold its end of the deal. Start with the rollicking "Hammered for the Holidays." A jangle-pop gem that blasts open with the force of a lighter fluid and whiskey cocktail. Followed quickly by the forceful shuffle of "I Got Left Behind" with it's instantly catchy hooks and surreal lyrics. All builds into the atom bomb that is "Watertower Scars." Giant fuzzed out powerchords, heartfelt lyrics, a booming and dynamic rhythm section, and a soaring solo combine to make this a power pop masterpiece on steroids. "Ghosts in Your Room" keeps the pace and shows the depth in songwriting these young men have lyrically and musically. The cherry bomb on top of the sundae that is "GREETINGS" is "Does this Bus Stop at 8th Avenue?" An amazing apocalyptic ode to lost love, redemption, and reunion. With a riff that would make the Boss himself smile, and a finish that will tear at your insides until you've got no choice but to give yourself up to the force that is ONLY THIEVES.

Who knows what the future holds for these young contenders. Everyone wants to be the champ, but few have the fists to do it. These bucks know how to box and are frothing at the bit to have a shot. This is just the beginning." - Gil Hicks

Only Thieves have shared the stage with such acts as Sub-Pop artists Fleet Foxes and Blitzen Trapper, seminal Indie Gods Elf Power, and (ex-At the Drive In/Sparta) Sleepercar.

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Booking Contact: Jeff Meyers/Beartrap Booking


"For Fifty-Eight Beers" Demo - Random Note Recordings (2008)
"Greeting from Levy Park, T.L.H." - E.P. (2009)

We've been interviewed on the local college rock station and our E.P. and demo are in rotation.

Set List

We rotate through twenty or so originals, and will occasionally do covers by mid-to-late eighties or early-to-mid-nineties independent rock acts:

All the Sad Young Men
I Got Left Behind
Watertowers Scars
Pioneer Repair
Cat Caught in the Act
Ghosts in Your Room
Jimmy The Destroyers Fucking Dead
Arbuckle's Latest Mistake
Hammered for the Holidays
What's Wrong
The New What's Next
The Ballad of the Aluminum Girl
Does This Bus Stop at 8th Avenue?