Only Won

Only Won

 Pasadena, California, USA
BandHip Hop

Positive hip-hop artist with creative, witty lyrics about unconventional topics like science and Chinese food


Only Won brings a refreshing angle to the current music landscape. As the first bilingual Asian-American Hip-Hop artist (starting in '91), Only Won's witty rhymes and positive music are inspiring diverse audiences everywhere. Only Won has attracted fans and the attention of CNN and the Discovery Channel due to his clever music videos. Fans have enthusiastically embraced his personal re-imagining of the songs, "I Wanna Be an Engineer" (a parody of "Billionaire") and "Cantonese Boy," (a parody of "American Boy"). "Cantonese Boy" also featured the vocals of singer-songwriter and JCTV host, Larissa Lam.
He has shared the stage with many including T-Bone, Washington Projects, KaBUC of K2S, Minister RMB, Izreal, Maximillian, and E-DOGG Montana. He has performed at Spirit West Coast Music Festival, Knott's Berry Farm, JCTV, Green Planet Movie Awards and numerous events around the country.
Only Won was born in San Francisco and grew up in a Chinese family with humble beginnings and later moved to Sacramento. Though he played ball and hung out with different people from the streets, Only Won stayed out of trouble and was a creative honor student who played the viola in orchestra. Instead of being an "Original Gangster," he was an "Overachieving Geek" aka, the OG.
His first EP, "Glory" produced by music veteran Maximillian (JC Crew, T-Bone, Nitro Praise) released singles "Glory" and "Desperate Cry" that garnered radio airplay across the U.S. Only Won's latest full-length album on LOG Records, titled "The Lyrical Engineer," has more tracks highlighting his positive lyrical wit, depth and intelligence. For this project, Only Won joined forces with Grammy nominated producer Noel, of the pioneering Hip Hop duo, The Dynamic Twins. The new album allows Only Won's rhymes to cover a broader musical landscape that includes not only current Hip-Hop beats but also Reggae, R&B, and Gospel. This further shows that Only Won is no ordinary rapper and is not bound by stereotypes.


Crush 'em Like Godzilla

Written By: Baldwin Chiu

No guts no glory, Here I come harder,
put it all on the line, ready to die like a Martyr.
pressin' to the prize, we were called to bring it all...some
call me a monster, I say I'm just like y'all...'cept I'm a
little bit faster, a little bit stronger!...a
little bit smarter, put up with pain longer!
comin' to you different than days of old...with a
nuclear explosion, I'm here to break the mold!

(hook) (x2)
Crush 'em Crush 'em Crush 'em like Godzilla!
Filla, Filla (feel the) power of the 'Zilla!
Crush 'em Crush 'em Crush 'em like Godzilla!
(It's the) RAW RAH! power Can ya Filla!

Still comin' at cha with a fiery force
Get in my way and I'll take a different course...or
better yet go through you, I just might pummel through you!
Team me up? Then I'll just have to go through two.
power like a freight train! More power so you feel pain!
More power in my vein you have to strain just to maintain!
I'm not done yet, you better hold on boy!
I'm not done yet, You're gonna get destroyed!

"So what cha gonna do now?"

(hook) (x2)
Crush 'em Crush 'em Crush 'em like Godzilla!
Filla, Filla (feel the) power of the 'Zilla!
Crush 'em Crush 'em Crush 'em like Godzilla!
(It's the) RAW RAH! power Can ya Filla!

Some said I couldn't do this, so I'm gonna crush them
Some said I shouldn't do this, so I'm gonna crush them
Some said I wouldn't do this, so I'm gonna crush them
Some said I couldn't do this? Yo! I'm gonna crush them!

(hook) (x2)
Crush 'em Crush 'em Crush 'em like Godzilla!
Feela, Feela (feel the) power of the 'Zilla!
Crush 'em Crush 'em Crush 'em like Godzilla!
(It's the) RAW RAH! power Can ya Filla!


Written By: Baldwin Chiu, Larissa Lam

Verse 1
God, I'm searchin' for your peace…Can you grant me this one request?
Broken down, twisted up, beaten up, need your help, cuz I'm feeling quite depressed
myheart hurts so much that I just wanna cry, many times I wish I could finally die.
To know the ones I love could now hate me… Stab me in the back so selfishly
I wake up in the mornings all alone…wondrin' where the times have gone
Many times I feel like crying out,.. other times I feel I need to shout.
I try to praise you God, but don't feel the spirit. I wonder if it's cuz I choose not to hear it.
Why do I feel pain while they rejoice?... Is it cuz of me or their own choice?
I try to keep the faith and work things out, but how can I work when my faith runs out?
Listen to my cry cuz I want to end this life I live without no friends.
It hurts me to forgive when others sin, but so do I so please do mend.
Every night I cry myself to sleep, so I humbly ask you God for peace.

I’ve been searchin’ for so long
And I finally found what I’ve been looking for
I had the answer all along
But I never acknowledged it before

Verse 2
I've been searchin' for so long, and I've finally found what I've been looking for
I had the answer all along, but I never acknowledged it before.
My heart can't seem to mend,… I feel the wound has been reopened.
I'm afraid of confrontation so all I do is keep on hoping.
How do Icast my cares upon, when all day long I'm faced with wrong?
This world sets our hopes on high, when it's the ones you love that'll make you cry.
Sometimes I'm shedding tears… and nothing here seems fair.
no one seems to care, no one seems to hear and I doubt that God is near?
It seems I've lost some, maybe all, I'd get up, but then I'd fall
Many times I thought that I forgave. But the more I try, the more betrayed
The more I try, the more I fail.… At what point do I prevail?
Just doesn't seem I can do things right… Not By strength, but by your might.
How do I face these riffs again?... How do I know that hardships end?
How do I keep my heart from hurtin'? Can you hear me? God I'm searchin'.

I've been searchin' for so long, and I've finally found what I've been looking for
I had the answer all along, but I never acknowledged it before
Now I'm singing Gloria….gloria…I raise my hands up to the sky
Singing Gloria…Gloria…I raise my hands up to the sky.
I know it's hard to live like this…feeling there can't be bliss.

Verse 3
Thinkin' back…lookin…planning forward…hopin…tryin' not to reminisce
God I'm Searchin' for a hope moment, searchin' for a peace moment.
My prayer to you, that you share love too, … to all who's searchin', please show them

Turn This World Around

Written By: Baldwin Chiu, Larissa Lam

Turn This World Around (Radio Edit)
Turn this world around
Change the look and sound
Turn it upside down
Turn it all around (2x)

Wish I was a super hero, fly through the sky. ?and save the whole world 'stead of living a lie
No more laughing till your silly & you're out of your mind. ?When the girl to your left & the boy down there cries ?No more living in a nation that has money to store. ?Even when poor we have more than the country next door. ?No more hatin’ on your sister or on anyone else. ?No more killin’ your brother for the sake of yourself. ?No more giving man a fish so he can eat for a day?Let's teach the man to fish before we send him on his way.?We can all make that decision in-di-vi-du-al-ly....& change this ?world for the better…(yeah!)…e-ven-tu-ally.??Chorus (2x)??We need to get up in the mornings & look to the sky.?And realize within, that the question ain't "Why?"…?The question is "How can I make a difference in life, ?Showin' love to a world starting from the inside. ?See if I love on other people the way I love on myself?yet hate myself & how I look,…then how does that help??Searchin for an answer you think is deeper within. ?When it’s in front of your face... on the tip of your skin.?Shouldn't be an opinion when it comes to integrity.?Shouldn't crush me if my enemy comes out ahead of me.?Lovin' on the ones that hate will set us all apart, ?But lovin' on the higher up is where it's gotta start.?So let's "turn this"...come on... "turn this" come on...?"turn this world around"?From the top to the bottom, inside out to the in, ?we're gonna "turn this upside down !"?
Chorus 2x

People walking everywhere
Acting like they don’t care
Not reaching out to each other
Instead of always being blind
Begin to open up your mind
Change this world for the better

Nations Under

Written By: Baldwin Chiu, Jahmal Holland, Eric Colomer

All Nations Under, Chico- the One who sits in the sky/
And uses heaven as His throne, can't get any higher/
They want to take Him out the schools and the colleges /
Putting they faith in astrologers-wonder why, all the increase in lawlessness/
Despierta America (Wake up America)- wake up girl/
I give Glory to my God when my flag is unfurled/
Politicians never listen, I ain't casting a pearl/
Can we discuss this situation, I keep asking the World/
Abortion issues, gay rights is it okay to debate/
But they want to shut me out with separation of Church and state/
C'mon man, who you fooling that ain't even a law/
But you want to steal my rights, that ideologies flawed man/
Awe man, for my Spanish speaking peeps, Mi Gente (my people)/
Vente a entender esto claramente/ (Come and understand this, clearly)
Mis derechos, me los quitan, derrepente/ (My rights can be taken away real easy)
Sino clamo con voz alta Cristo vieno/ (If I dont shout with a loud voice Christ is coming)
Oh Lord,You know that we need you
You know that we need to be all that
You called us here to be
We're not living by feeling, Or by what we are seeing
Our Nation's Under you Lord, Our Nation's Under you Lord
(One Truth)
Should I waste the air in my lungs declarin' the neighborhood I'm from
Is the worst area by comparison and be swearin' it son?
Nah. That would be dumb. Instead I stare at the Son
Cuz shares with me the clarity of where I begun
How He raised a civilization that was carefully spun
I watch as people wisely do what's rarely been done.
The next part of the story's shared painfully umm…
I've barely begun To walk across these African sands
When I'm cracked by other blacks with the backs of their hands
I'm ripped, stripped and shipped away to affluent lands
Where I'm cracked by slave masters with the lash in their hands.
Four hundred years later,.man we at it again
Other brothers cracked my mother with the crack in their hands.
I understand. Return to the Lord we gotta we must
When we were Gathering rust He was gathering us
He's established a trust without Him we're just scattering dust
(Only Won)
Nations Under, sometimes I start to wonder
How a God that controls lighting and thunder
can let His people despise his holy name
in this country?...when my people die everyday?
Just to say that we believe, freedom that he's granted.
Strange how it was America's seed that was planted
in my home land and how our faith started to expand.
as God reached out to to our outlying hands
Yet we have to hide underground, can't be too loud
Might go to jail or die if in Christ we are proud
I heard that in MEI GOK (America) my people can be free
That was my prayer so I can worship God as I please.
But instead we don't allow the 10 golden rules.
Now I'm a citizen of a country that expels a kid from school
for reading the Bible, I feel like I'm back in China
Didn't we escape persecution to worship freely in America?
Then why must we refrain from saying the name of God.
Seems odd we'd get sentenced with a simple nod.
I don't understand, how can this be so?
How can we let this happen, tell me, do you know


Crush 'em Like Godzilla (single) - 2011
The Lyrical Engineer (album) - 2010
Glory (EP) - 2006