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"The Deli Magazine"

On My Signal's new EP, Exit Parameters shows off the significant progress this band has made since their formation barely 18 months ago. The band combines several styles, and in doing so their sound eludes a decisive label. They cross-breed the catchy punk riffs of NOFX minus the cynicism, the high energy rhythm of Linkin Park without the unnecessary DJ and cheese ball "I hate my father" lyrics, and the pure intensity of bands like At the Drive-In without the overbearing self-importance.

Exit Parameters kicks off with opening track "Surface Tension", which uses an airplane landing as an extended metaphor for being paralyzed by one's anxiety. "The After Picture" progressively rises and falls with each verse, building up a wall of sound before crashing down hard at the chorus. The single "Words Lost to White Noise" powers ahead like a speeding boat, with sad lyrics that almost capsize the song. The album slows down the for the final track, "Case Sensitive" a calmer, quieter tune that gives the listener an opportunity to appreciate the band's songwriting skills apart from the revved up momentum of the previous tracks. It shows that On My Signal can excel at powerful hard rock anthems and still show off their versatility in a slower, more contemplative song. Don't be surprised if you hear On My Signal getting serious airplay on the hard rock stations in 2005. - Tom O'Connell

"Sound The Sirens"

Even with the influx of new garage rock bands with their catchy riffs and playful lyrics, defenders of the gritty streets of rock and roll stand firm in their declarations of emotional lyrics screamed past the tearing guitars and furious drums. Loud for loud’s sake? Never without reason and rhyme, On My Signal demands to be heard on their six-track EP, Exit Parameters.

The Manhattan-based band pulls together desperately distraught vocals, driving guitars and steadily rapid drum beats and turns the amps to full blast, rocking on without apology or regard for their eardrums (or vocal chords). The lyrics read like a slam poetry performance with seemingly raw emotion drawn from ambiguity rather than one specific heartbreak or devastation. It’s like a memory recounted after one hazy passed-out night—there’s fervor, but also a frustration to convey the exact order of a dizzying story. A recipe for screamo at its best.

Much like the almighty Thursday and The Mars Volta, On My Signal will have to battle it out for their own turf on the pedestal of indie-rock uniqueness. When it seems like everything’s been done before, it is getting more and more difficult to come up with something original. Unless a die-hard fan were in attendance, some are very likely to confuse On My Signal with yet another indie screamo rock band playing in the background of the record store. They hold their own in their many performances, drawing a respectable-sized crowd as a headliner as well as during support of such other bands like Straylight Run, As Tall As Lions, The Snake The Cross The Crown, and Endicott.

It’s clear that On My Signal belongs in this category of rock. There’s little to argue considering that their six tracks on Exit Parameters sticks to a very similar formula as those before them of the same genre. The trend of indie rock suggests that there will always be a fan base for tunes like these, so there’s no loss for the loud-spoken and heavy-hearted. However, I also notice how the “edge” that bands like these once had when they first appeared on the scene is slowly dulling. On My Signal has the tried and true method down to a tee. Now all they have to do is reclaim the edge. - Sable Yong

"Disfigured ID"

One of the things that gets me excited is when I see bands with talent pursuing their career for themselves and not expecting anyone else to hand their success to them. This is the case with On My Signal as far as I’ve seen so far. After moving to New York City to play their blend of technical, experimental, yet altogether catchy blend of punk and poppy rock, the band has been playing with some of the brightest stars in the indie scene as of late.

The bands second EP is a great testament to their talent, with a powerful voice, and a great band to back everything up; On My Signal have everything in the right place. Their technical styling can be seen clearly throughout the length of their piece, but strikes you most frequently after fading into the first track. It’s odd, because you first get a glimpse of the band with a slam and then a simple riff, but then everything explodes into something much greater and more fulfilling, on the album opener, “Surface Tension.” The band clearly has a sense of the world behind them that can help to compare them to a band like The Mars Volta only in the sense that they have that spacey feel to them, one that bleeds revolution, but also heals you with a voice that is reassuring. I think a track such as “Case Sensitive” helps to distinguish this and clearly sets them apart from other bands roaring through the scene these days.

Although the band has the sound of something different, they also have the catchiness to impress any new listener as well, its something that will get stuck in your ears for days on end, which is always great. The melodies of “Alarm Alarm” speak to you in a way that is all-too-familiar, but the way that On My Signal is able to play it to you, is all their own and quite a special quality. All-in-all, the EP is great, musically, and lyrically for that matter. You can be sure to see something great from this band as they continue to progress and refine their sound, but then again, “Exit Parameters” is also a very solid starter.
- Scott Richardson


It’s the closing end of 2004 and yet despite the recorded sound being invented decades ago, people are still engaging audiences with their own unique brand of the most standard set-up of guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. On My Signal adds their own edge with enigmatic melodies that display that while we may have libraries of recorded sounds at our fingertips we haven’t even come close to exhausting all its possibilities. Shedding the confines of traditional indie rock and punk but certainly also able to be placed on the shelf that holds the likes of Joan of Arc, The Mars Volta, and perhaps Fugazi, “Exit Parameters” is without a doubt one of the best ways to end a year that was magically delicious in the independent rock arena. This will no doubt excite ears well into the New Year. - J-Sin

"Acclaimed Punk"

"No pitch correction, quantizing or sound replacing was used on this recording."

In a world where the auto-tune is almost a must have for every screamo band that comes out today, a refreshing sound has been created right under our noses. On My Signal, a rock band based out of New York City, has set out to give the world a breath of fresh air, and their EP "Exit Parameters" delivers, and delivers hard. Starting off with "Surface Tension", a song which is fueled by an amazing bass line from Guillermo Younger, along with a perfect duel guitar attack and perfect drumming along with flawless vocals from front man Ari Fontecchio, is the perfect opener to this EP which shows you the versatility of this band.

"The After-Picture" is the perfect witness to that. Starting off slow and building to a powerful chorus, and back down to a perfect blend of all the instruments and vocals. This song is a roller coaster of emotion which is actually felt as Ari's voice ends out the track. From there we head right into the guitar intro of "All About Escape" which shows the true technical ability of the band. A steadfast trend in every track is that they actually show that they are actual musicians, and "All About Escape" is the perfect track to express this. As the drums signal the end of "All About Escape", another guitar intro for "Alarm Alarm", which shows the true cohesiveness of this band and their lasting power.

Throughout the EP, its a solid point that this is a very talented band, on "Words Lost To White Noise" Ari finally gets his shot to show off his true vocal talent, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album which displays all the traits of what makes this band as good as the hype surrounding them. The final track on the EP, "Case Sensitive", is the softest song on the EP and is definitely my favorite on the EP. The guitarists Bryan Russell and JB Osborne sound absolutely in sync with each other as if they've been doing this for 25 years, yet that is only how old they are. The drumming in this song from Nima Shirazi sounds absolutely amazing. The song ends with feedback and sounds and is the perfect end to a great debut EP.

One of the best parts of this album is the absolutely flawless vocals and how nicely they blend with the music. This is an EP that you could blast in your car and go fast, or put in your stereo to fall asleep to. On My Signal take a stand with "Exit Parameters," saying they won't be going anywhere for a while and you better take notice because this is one of the few talented bands out there now, and they deserve everything they receive and more. - Mark Smith

"Assorted Reviews"

PUNKTASTIC | Paul Savage

On My Signal come from New York and have self-released this EP, which comes in a lovely well-designed case, proving that you don’t need a record label to put out a well produced package. On My Signal play an emotional brand of guitar driven rock, which although may sound a little familiar, is actually very well presented. Vocally Art Fontecchio reminds me of The Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor, while the band use intricate guitar parts to create some pretty cool sounds and effects.This six-track EP has been quite well received, and as I was doing a little research prior to writing this review I found that many positive things had been said about On My Signal. I’m inclined to agree, as this EP shows there are still plenty of ways to impress in a genre that is becoming tired. Tracks like ‘Surface Tension’ are poppy little gems that rock in a way old The Get Up Kids would do if they let their hair down a bit. The lead guitar parts throughout this EP are interesting and not as predictable as some of their peers, while the tone isn’t as heavy as some of the bands that come from round their way. It creates a ‘lighter’ feel, which is far more enjoyable. ‘The After Picture’ is more of the same but a little more generic, but ‘All About Escape’ is much more enjoyable, with guitars and drums crashing all around. The production is very good for a self-release as well, especially when this song attempts to create a build-up to get things going. Fans of bands like Gatsby’s American Dream and Spitalfield will probably quite like this record. It is poppy and melodic, yet has a clever edge to it which keeps it out of the generic territory too many bands fall down. Remember the name On My Signal, because I expect we’ll be hearing from them again.

PASTEPUNK | Jordan Baker

Exit Parameters is the first official release from New York City's ON MY SIGNAL, after the band's widely distributed demo turned some heads earlier this year. Besides being packaged in a beautifully designed digipak, Exit Parameters offers a pretty good take on guitar-driven, mid-tempo, sorta heavy post-hardcore that's not unlike mid-career AT THE DRIVE-IN, or a not-so-screamy ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES. Correspondingly, ON MY SIGNAL have a familiar sound, but not necessarily an unoriginal one. As the band's bio exclaims ON MY SIGNAL's songwriting style as a bunch of "peaks and valleys," such a description turns out to actually speak the truth (oh the humanity!). All six tracks to this release (26 minutes in total) build up into mighty forces of energy by each song's respective ending. This formula is permissible for a six track release, but I'm not sure ON MY SIGNAL would be able to sustain such repetitiveness on a full-length. Ari Fontecchio's lead vocals are definitely a rung or two above par, especially he strains his singing voice to convey an extra bit of emotion, similar to that of THE GET UP KIDS' Matt Pryor. Although I doubt it's entirely intentional, there's a nice feeling of looseness to ON MY SIGNAL's playing that gives these songs a taste of honesty and character. ON MY SIGNAL sound like that good neighborhood band that's always playing basement shows, and working hard at their craft to keep things moving. As far as self-released debuts go, this one is a charm.

DECOYMUSIC | Adam Roncaglione


The newest addition to the ever-growing emo-prog scene. These NYC boys are trying their hardest to focus more on the prog than the emo, and that in itself tells me they are heading in the right direction.

Sounds Like?

Sounds like flailing, scattered guitars, ambient, orchestrated piano and keys, and spacey, high-pitched vocals. It's an energetic and intense 20+ minutes, but one that could use a bit of fine tuning to perfect it's aim.

How Is It?

Overall, it's pretty impressive for an independent, self-produced EP. The influences are obvious, but this is not a cash-in record. It's very ambitious and experimental without showing any hint of pretension. If they focus on moving further and further from the emo-ness and instead really center in on their eccentric and epic potential, good things will come. The tracks "The After Picture" and "Case Sensitive" are mix tape masterpieces. By all means, lend an ear.

Rocks Like:

Coheed and Cambria, The Mars Volta, At the Drive In, Brazil - Various Online Music Sites

"Euphonia Online"

There’s something about On My Signal that makes the seconds before the first notes of one of their songs like the crackling days before a storm. The anticipation of the very air around your speakers is tangible enough to nudge your hand faster towards pushing Play. It seems like everyone is eager to dive into listening to this music, and who can blame them?
This is the type of band that can take a single image and transform it into four intense minutes of melodic glory. My favorite example is the fifth track off their 2004 EP Exit Parameters, “Words Lost to White Noise.” The band seems to take an old photograph of two people beside each other on a ferry and merely brush away the dust. The resulting song shows the listener what was beneath the preconceptions of the photo while still leaving some questions up to interpretation and answer. You’ll find the same level of depth in each moment of every On My Signal song, because that’s what these guys do best. Their tracks are both pure and tangled with mystery, open and seductively secretive, easily understandable by all yet strikingly personal to each individual set of ears. And that’s what makes On My Signal so exciting and enthralling to hear. It takes a devoted listener to sort through the complications and grasp the essence behind the smoothly blended elements that each band member brings. No one person really leads or overpowers, which showcases the band as one amazingly well-balanced force. Each song, while shining with the characteristic golden On My Signal touch, differs from the rest and makes the entire EP well worth listening to. To listen to just one or a few parts would be like skipping chapters in one of the best books you’ll ever read.
Exit Parameters is a shot of magical insight directly into the soul. The lyrics, harmony, and steady, driving beat come together for a passionate whirlwind that magnifies simplicity into a multifaceted splay of sound. The EP is solid proof that while On My Signal are just starting to show others exactly what they’re capable of, they’re barreling down the remainder of the path at the speed of light, leaving an exquisite sound in their wake. - Andrea Aquino


Despite the fact that On My Signal has only been around as a band for a little less than two years they have performed with acts such as Straylight Run, Gatsby’s American Dream, Spitafield and Action Action. The fact that a young band that has not even released a full length album, and whose latest E.P. is being released independently has played with these up-and-coming acts belies their talent.

Listening to the Exit Parameters E.P. one can derive a lot of enjoyment, as the band has written six catchy, well-performed songs. Yet at the same time all the enjoyment does not come from the execution of the material, a good portion comes from the fact that On My Signal does not sound like every other band playing music today.

The genre of Exit Parameters cannot really be defined. “The After Picture” features space-y guitars, and sounds like a punk rock Coheed and Cambria, while “Alarm Alarm” has a more energetic scream-o sound to it, and “Case Sensitive” starts out like a slow emo-influenced song, only to build with a slow-burning crescendo that finally explodes in to an energetic rocker.

Though Exit Parameters is only six songs long it is packed to the brim with excellent music. The songs all have great guitar riffs, with both guitarists from On My Signal complimenting each other so well that on songs like “Surface Tension” it seems like they have one guitarist playing insanely fast. The drumming is also quite superb, such as the energetic explosions found on “All About Escape.”

The vocal work on Exit Parameters is quite good, and compliments the music well. On “Surface Tension” the vocals are emotionally delivered, without being overly-emo, while on “Words Lost To White Noise” there is a scream-o energy to the vocals.

Overall: On My Signal is a very talented up-and-coming young band, which is not easily categorized. They play their music well; the guitar work is especially good on Exit Parameters.
- Graham Bailey


Employing the telling power of indie-rock with chunky bursts of dual guitars which hint at post-hardcore influences, On My Signal have created a record full of personal introspection and sentiment matched by the upbeat tunes. As such, it is a disc which conveys emotions through the power of song and presents a young band with the understanding and ability of expressing feelings through melody and vocals without the flair or dramatic delivery that is all the rage these days. This is clearly evident on the tracks “All About Escape“ and “Words Lost To White Noise“ which make this EP a definite sleeper and a worthy addition to any music library. - Bart Niedzialkowski


"Software Version 1.1.3" (2003)
4-song demo.

"Exit Parameters" (2004)
6-song EP. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Hit Factory in NYC.

"Drive-Thru Records and Purevolume.com: Bands You Love, Have Heard Of, And Should Know" (2005)
A giant 2-CD compilation featuring bands such as The Early November, The Juliana Theory, Fallout Boy, Say Anything, Hidden In Plain View, Matchbook Romance, Midtown, The Academy Is..., and On My Signal.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Unafraid to mix break beats with lung-punching vocals, On My Signal's sound ranges from ambient experiment to melodic punk. The NYC-based rock band exceeds its numbers with a mature layering of driving rhythms, crunching guitars, and focused vocal melodies. Honoring and resisting comparisons to both The Mars Volta and Death Cab for Cutie, On My Signal delivers dynamic rock with no expectations.

Formed in the summer of 2003, On My Signal immediately caught the attention of local audiences, performing with power and patience. With creativity that stems from the input of all the band members and lyrics that range from passionate to biting, the band never relies on production or fashion trends to win its fanbase.

During the fall of 2003, the band wrote and recorded its first studio demos, distributed under the title ‘Software Version 1.1.3.’ Since then, they have played at some of New York’s top rock venues including The Knitting Factory (Main Stage), Mercury Lounge, CBGB, North Six, and the Lower East Side hot spot Sin-é. Since 2004, On My Signal has drawn sizable crowds as a headliner and has been invited to support some of today’s best young rock bands, including Straylight Run (Victory), Gatsby’s American Dream (Fearless), Circa Survive (Equal Vision), Brazil (Fearless), Acceptance (Columbia), Quietdrive (Epic), I Am The Avalanche (Drive-Thru), Bayside (Victory), As Tall As Lions (Triple Crown), Spitalfield (Victory), The Snake The Cross The Crown (Equal Vision), Action Action (Victory), Lux Courageous (Triple Crown), Small Towns Burn A Little Slower (Triple Crown), Tokyo Rose (Sidecho), among many others.

In the summer of 2004, On My Signal independently released its first EP, ‘Exit Parameters,’ featuring the single ‘Words Lost To White Noise.’ Recorded at the Hit Factory in Manhattan, the new songs showcase the band’s impressive range and maturation, both sonically and stylistically. On ‘Exit Parameters,’ the band builds songs from peaks and valleys, adding deliberate doses of tension and release, all with a definitive call-to-arms urgency. Their myriad styles and influences, as well as the high caliber of musicianship, brought together by the band’s members informs a different kind of indie rock. As a result, On My Signal is simultaneously angular and curving; punctuated and linear; raw and polished.

This past Fall, On My Signal completed a six-week tour of the East Coast and Midwest and is now back home in New York City working on new demos for their upcoming album.