On My Sleeve

On My Sleeve


On My Sleeve is catchy, soulful adult pop music that appeals to those who appreciate sophisticated harmonies, blues influences, and songs about love, longing, and life. Kevin Jones sometimes performs solo, but is often joined by friends Christine and Mark Matejka.


On My Sleeve started cathartically, as a means for primary songwriter and frontman to deal with some life issues and emotions. A lifelong musician, Kevin had never committed his ideas to pen, paper, prose, and harmony in a way that resonated with him.

That all changed in November 2009, with his writing of "For You" (Leave the Light On). Considered by many to remain as his strongest and most relatable song, "For You" started as a long for lost love, and turned out to be a tribute to his father, who had died in 1999.

Since then, Jones has penned songs about love both present and past, embraced, unrequited, and scorned, songs about life's challenges and victories, and songs for his children. Jones has played to audiences ranging from a dozen friends in the basement to a few hundred, and he always brings his sense of humour and his passionate voice to the stage. While Jones primarily plays his own songs, often covers will work their way into his sets, with favourite songs by Pearl Jam and the Smashing Pumpkins making an appearance. People leave an On My Sleeve show with a smile on their faces, a laugh in their hearts, and a song in their heads.


On My Sleeve - Demo EP (Self produced)
- songs "For You", "Ghost of You", "Met a Girl" and "Flanders Rose" all streaming on Myspace, Facebook, and Reverbnation; local radio FM station CJSB 104.5 plays "Ghost of You" as part of its focus on local talent as part of its weekly show.

Set List

(example from a recent gig)

Horn (cover)
Before You Go
Sunkissed (cover)
Let Me Go
Ghost of You
Flanders Rose
Rose March (cover)
For You