Onny-Allan Young

Onny-Allan Young

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I co wrote an album that won Best rock act at Homegrown 95 in Thunderbay Ontario, Since then I have written 14 original songs solely. And they ROCK! All on ecoustic but in studio will be much different


Born Dec.25 1973 into a musical family, mom was an expert pianist and dad loved elvis and the beatles. Started playing guitar at 11 and started singing at 13. Today I write and compose all my own music and lyrics, record when I can. I have great audience control and pizzaz! I feel that each one of my songs could be released as a single, realistically, a label would prolly pick 6 of my 14 for video shoots. I also have all the video dialogue planned out for every song.


When my band Simon Barsinister won Homegrown's Rock Category, my song Mother's Eyes became the number 1 requested song for the month of February 1996, The Dose, and Legend Of Hollywood were also played regularly on the radio. We were on the news, in the news paper and enjoyed a radio interview called Canada Rocks. We moved on to open for Slaughter and Vince Neil At Sun Fest in Gimli Mantoba, after that things became anticlymactic and I became the band's soul songwriter. I left the band and joined forces with Juno Award Winner Patrick Howarth of Slik Toxic and came up with 5 songs in 2 days. Pat died of an overdose and I went into Health Care but never stopped writing and singing. You can't deny who you are no matter what you do. A Singer/Songwriter/Performer is what I am. and always will be.