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Emilie and Manu were born out of music; Emilie with tuned vocal cords and Manu with hands to fiddle. As their swords went 'Kling Klang' in a Montreal fencing club, they fell in love. With their meeting, Onomatops came to life: a collage of texts, sounds, Lalalas and paf poufs. Together, they weaved a mix sensual, dirty, free, funky urban works. Then with their breakup, their music fell into a coma ... Separated, Manu recorded the sounds of Creature and learned his technique from a certain LeLoup, while Emilie directed a film in New York. The music, however, continued to sleep. It took chance, circumstance and the help of a stranger for Onomatops' music to be set free. Now, the Onomatops and their large following, have awoken the neighborhood to the sounds of the wailing fifes and the bang! bang! thud! thud! of the muffled drums.