Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Catchy riffs, grooving bass, and rhythmic drums only add to the gripping vocals when Onset hits the stage. With an energetic live performance and tunes everyone can relate to, there is always a memorable experience to be had when you see an Onset show!


Passion, perseverance, energy, and family; these are the values which have brought ONSET to fruition. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, the four members of this rock band live and breathe music. Influenced by musical styling ranging from classical compositions to metal, ONSET brings their passion for writing and playing music into everything they touch. Every song stems from personal life experiences, channeling emotions and various influences from each of the band members and creating material that will touch listeners by invoking feelings of love, hate, fear, or simply reminding someone of something that once was. It is the combination of this love for music and an incredible work ethic, driven by a “never give up” attitude, which will undoubtedly lead ONSET to reach the success they crave.

ONSET seeks to take the music world by storm one show, one fan, and one note at a time. Performing live is what brings the music to life and allows ONSET to make the fans part of the ONSET family. They pour every ounce of energy into each performance; and with a strong, growing following in the Baltimore area, ONSET is determined to develop relationships beyond the local level and form a family of international fans who can share a connection through their music. “The stage is [their] drug; there is no other way to put it. [They] are addicts.”

This brotherhood of musicians brings a wide-range of know-how, influences, and passion to the entertainment world; and as long as there is music to be played, ONSET will be around. Witness the beginning of a philharmonic group of men who will stop at nothing to pursue their dreams. Witness the beginning of ONSET.