On Switch

On Switch


" On Switch's brilliant female voices bring a classic, sexy swagger back to Rock N' Roll" - Jason Schneider, The Record


On Switch is a rock band that is strikingly original. Their sound seamlessly blends killer hooks with engaging harmonies and driving riffs to create powerful honest in-your-face rock and roll. It is marked by the strong, soulful and unwavering voice of Francine Scala and the searing electric guitar sound of Donna Grantis.

Live, On Switch offers a fearlessly intense and inspired performance, reviewed in ChartAttack magazine as “an amazing show which mixes raw talent with undeniable sexuality.” The instinctive onstage synergy between Francine and Donna suggests that of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page [Led Zeppelin] or Axl and Slash [Guns N’ Roses], but adds to this dynamic a youthful and refined femininity. This juxtaposition of talent, ability, empowered femininity and sexuality with an adult maturity, sophistication and artistic integrity gives the band an especially unique and powerful image and holds obvious mainstream and crossover marketability.

The musical depth of the band is grounded by Farley (bass) and Fab (drums). This solid foundation has allowed On Switch to function independently, writing, performing, recording and producing original material in both studio and live settings.

As an emerging act, On Switch has already attracted local and national attention. The band won the inaugural Q107 Ultimate Jam Contest and has performed live-to-air on Q107 Radio and on CityTV Television. As well, the band’s original music has earned them government endowment through The Ontario Arts Council and FACTOR. Most importantly though, they have begun developing a strong fan base through performances at established Toronto music venues, among them, Revival, The Phoenix Concert Theatre, The Horseshoe Tavern, Lee’s Palace, Healey’s and Club 279.

In December of 2004 On Switch spent time at Phase One Studios. The band recorded original material for their debut self-titled EP and the resulting songs, in addition to capturing their unique sound, demonstrate the depth of musicality present within the band.

The current focus for On Switch is playing live and, in this regard, they are piecing together an extensive performance schedule for the coming winter. As well, the band will be returning to Phase One in early 2006 to record material for their first full-length album.


My Time My Life

Written By: F. Scala, D. Grantis, K. Adams

I can’t seem to get up this morning
I feel my eyes weighing me down
His breath is present and surrounds me
There’s no way I’ll get my feet back on the ground

God please save me

Ain’t no party life we’re living
Drown out the sound of this bedroom town
I can’t seem to get what life is giving
Wanna let it loose, but I’m so tightly wound

God I amaze me

My time, my life slips away
While I’m off searching for what’s right in my face
My time, my life died today
But it keeps on bleeding

You seemed to give me some direction
You thought that you could show me the way
But you like the girl in the reflection
Why the hell’d you leave and promise that you’d stay

God please cleanse me

Keep It Real (Stop Trying)

Written By: F. Scala, D. Grantis

I can’t seem to talk
In your eyes there’s something not right
I miss that little spark and I can’t seem to hear
From your mouth like knives in my back
The message was crystal clear

Stop trying, stop trying, stop trying to dumb it down for me ‘cause I
I don’t need you
I don’t like to
And I don’t want you to patronize me

The writing was on the wall
All those nights I longed for you here
You couldn’t explain at all
And I’m stretched out across the floor
I call your name and you're not hearing me
We can’t do this anymore

It’s too late to say you’re sorry
And I can’t pretend that there’s not a part of me that wants to touch you endlessly
Your words, to me, have no direction
For once in your life can’t you just keep it real to me

Outta Your Head

Written By: F. Scala, D. Grantis

Said you’d come and see me
You wanna see me perform
Did you get your money’s worth
Before you walked out the door?
I like the way you look,
Way you sound,
Way you flip your hair and I like the band
You know I’d like to, when can I see you again
Gonna form you to fit the mold of a teenage centre fold

I’m so curious
You can’t be serious
You must be delirious
You’re outta your head
We can’t reciprocate
The way you communicate
We’re not gonna imitate
You’re outta your head

Don’t wanna listen to your bitching
You know it’s all I could stand
Does it give you pleasure to reach in and rip out all that you can
Gonna change the way you look
Way you sound
Way you cut your hair
And ditch the band
Bestowed on me these lies
I just can’t understand
You can take two and two together this one's for you

And how can I explain this to you one more time
I never needed anyone’s help to see my way
And how can you stand there telling me what to do


Self Titled EP, recorded Jan 2005

Set List

Current Song List:

Like I Do
Back Of My Mind
My Time My Life
Outta Your Head
Keep It Real (Stop Trying)
Welcome to the Jungle
Be My Bitch
Ooh Yeah
Whole Lotta Love
Black Heart Woman

We can play up to an hour long set which includes orginals with one or two cover tunes