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"Who I Was"

Review for "Directions"

After a high energy hard rock intro the sound devolves into a more mellow verse only to kick it up again during the first chorus.

I really like the contrast between the verse and chorus.

Very dynamic vocal performance. Nice voice. This guy can sing.

Professional quality production.

This is some serious talent.

Best of luck to you

March 23, 2009 - D. Doehrman


Really good. The emotion stayed solid throughout the entire album. You could feel the power and the angst in every instrument and vocal.

Great arrangements. The songs took you on a very powerful roller coaster. I was blown away by the turn some of the songs took. That was a very interesting change and very cool to hear.

In order for a song to really grab hold of the listener the production has to be good and this was very, very good. The balance of instruments were great. The vocals were understandible and each instrument was easy to follow.

Great job on this one I hope to be hearing more of you in the near future.

Reviewed by: Quala from St Louis, Missouri - GarageBand.com


"Falling With Style" (EP released 2008)

-Directions (single, received radio play)
-Falling With Style (received radio play)
-Can't Sleep... Robots Will Eat Me (received radio play)
-Just Like Me (received radio play)

"As The Story Goes...." (EP released Sept 2006)

-The Envelope (single, received radio play)
-A Crimson Liquid
-Indentity Crisis
-Safe (single, received radio play)
-Erase The Pictures

"Sentiment EP" (released 2005)

-Instant Transmission (received radio play)
-Listen (received radio play)
-Break (1st Single, received radio play)
-In & Out (received radio play)
-Everything and Anything



OnTheFront is a Chicago based contemporary rock filled symphony of emotions and their songs are a perfect mix of lyrical mastermind and musical excellence. United by their love to play rock music, and driven by their thirst for perfection, OnTheFront will continue to fill your ears with greatness.

Whassup Chicago Local Music says OnTheFront has “a twist on the current trend in rock groups, they have a depth and complexity to their sound that sets them apart from other local bands.”

Suburban Soundcheck claims OnTheFront was “hands down the winner of the Sound Works Productions Battle of The Bands. From their strong vocals, to their amazing stage presence, it’s no surprise they won.”

Forming in 2003 OTF has gone through many changes with their members and direction of the style of music without missing a beat. The band was founded by lead singer Gary Kessy and guitarist Jason Bailey, who were later joined by vocalist/keyboardist Danny Orosco and bassist Eric Kalina in June of 2009 they welcomed their newest member drummer Joey Gibbs who moved to Chicago from Peoria, IL to join OnTheFront and brought an element that they have been missing. They now feel like the puzzle is complete and are attacking the music scene with full force. Their current EP titled “Falling With Style” which was released in summer of 2008 continues to bring them great success. OnTheFront will once again utilize the production of Jef Moll for their upcoming CD and together will create music that will rock your ears off. They are a band that brings an innovative and unique style that will be around for a very long time.