On The Job

On The Job


Hello. We are, On The Job, we are an Indie Rock band that has been performing around the Tampa Bay area. Our music is very soothing to listen to. It is composed of shearing guitar, driving bass lines, and rhythmic drum beats. We are always looking for a great show, and to gain a lot of exposure.


This band was formed in the middle of 2008 by Dylan Buckley and Derek Luna. We started out as a cover band, and slowly progressed into making our own music. Our type of music is based around 80s and Indie Rock. What sets us apart from other bands; is that we believe our music produces great sound and rhythm. No matter what show we are performing at, we will always dress and play great. Even though we are a young band, we are very serious with our music, which has helped us produce our first album a few months ago.

Lately, we have been playing locally in the Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Parrish, and Bradenton area. Each and every show we played at, the crowd was amazed at what they saw. We show great character, sound, and moves every time we are on a stage. We are thankful for this opportunity to get a little exposure, and maybe get some shows in the process.

You can listen to some of our finished songs, and hope you will enjoy them. This is our "Demo Live Album", but we hope to get a good and finished one up soon.

-On The Job


We produced a "Live Demo Album", which is only temporary. It includes our latest songs that we have been performing. You can find these at our MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/onthejobmyspace

Set List

Basic 35 minute set list:

1.) Enjoying Our Days (ours)
2.) Paint A Picture (ours)
3.) Looks (ours)
4.) Only The Time (ours)
5.) Still In Love Song (cover) - by, "The Stills"
6.) Driving (ours)
7.) In The Distance (ours)
8.) Better Future (ours)