On The Latin Side

On The Latin Side

 Mentone, California, USA

on the Latin side is a groovy Latin tropical Afro Cuban jazzy bossa nova samba raggaeish funky poppy bluesy blend of all these musical elements combined, that work well together to create what is On The Latin Side!


On The Latin Side is a great blend of multiple styles with a strong influence of Brazilian Latin tropical and Afro Cuban rhythms which is the essence of this band.Our influences are very vast musically,but always with a strong Latin influence present. Our music is melodic,improvisational,danceable,lyrically sassy,fresh,and very upbeat and positive.Our lyrical content is about every day themes,love,pain,heart ache,confusion,loneliness,sadness,things that if they don't kill us make us stronger and wiser in our decisions in life. As musicians we all like to stretch out a little bit on our instruments,which is what gives On The Latin Side that jammy feeling.influences:Steely Dan the meters led zeppelin Black Sabbath Pink Floyd Latin Breed tower of power Wes Montgomery black flag misfits Pat Metheny War Carlos Santana George Benson Bob Marley..........soooo many more. We believe what sets us appart from other bands is the experience behind each individual in this band, We have all been part of the local cover band scene for too many years and the expeirience we've all collected reflects on the disc,and I mean only as far as musicianship,musically it all comes from our hearts! We want to be part of the original music scene everywhere for the sole purpose of sharing our music with the world. We haven't had too many shows up to now due to some set backs within the bands structure.Thankfully now these issues are solved and we are ready for any available event or occasion.


We currently are on the works to release a 10 song disc,more details to come: however we have sound bites of all the songs to be on the disc.