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"The Nobody Cares Show!"

Check us out at the Nobody Cares Show!

http://thenobodycaresshow.blogspot.com/2009/09/nobody-cares-show-76-hedless-in-movies.html - Nobodycares

"The Metro Chicago's Blog"

Sunday, we hosted Emergenza’s Battle of the Bands. Some folks were wondering who the lucky band to move onto the national finals in New York is. Well, fun part is we’ve mentioned them before in this blog. The winner is none other than On The Run. Looks like that BBQ idea paid off. Congrats boys. You can check out their myspace below.

posted on Monday, June 22, 2009
- http://www.metrochicago.com/blog/2009/06/and-winner-is.html

"The Metro"

Local Chicago rock reggae band, On The Run, is offering a little more sustenance to their fans than a performance at the June 21st Emergenza Chicago finals. Day of the show, the guys are throwing a free barbeque Sunday Funday party including transportation to Metro for the show that night. Guess that means for the small price of $20, you get fun, food, a ride to the show, and a concert featuring 14 bands competing for a chance to move on to the National Emergenza finals in New York. We’re not trying to play favorites, but you have to admit that’s a pretty good idea.

Get your tickets to the BBQ here or tickets for just the show here.
posted on Wednesday, June 10, 2009
- http://www.metrochicago.com/blog/2009/06/on-runto-metro.html

"On The Run Brings The Power!"

On The Run Brings A Powerful Display To Chicago's Elbo Room On January 9, 2009

On The Run plays many shows a year, and as one journalist put it, they "might just be one of the hardest-working group of guys in the business." (Illinois Radio Network)

Equal parts rock, alternative, southern rock, pop, funk and reggae, On The Run has a sound that rocks crowds everywhere it plays.

On The Run brings its distinctive sound to Chicago's Elbo Room on January 9th performing songs from their forthcoming album set for release in late summer (working title).

On The Run is:
Tyler Imbrey / Lead Vox - Guitar
Luke Gale / Lead Guitar - Vox
JMike Romanzow / Bass - Vox
Tim Williams / Drums
Bryan Carroll / Sax - Nick Gale (Illinois Radio Network)

"Are Chicago's On the Run on their Way to the California Sun?"

Have you ever wondered the sound whales make while they hump? A certain Chicago musician claims he knows and that it's one of his musical influences. I have to say I've never heard that one before!

The musician is, Mike Romanzow, and he has longed to be in a band or a telepathic dolphin interpreter since he was very young. He's a member of the band named, On the Run, whose name reminds me of the phrase: To go on a beer run. I'm eager to see if their live performance is any fun without having to have a "cold one."

Prior to going on stage, I overheard the band ordering bottles of Miller Lite and Quesadillas, it was refreshing to hear they were polite to the bartender and did not have a "My shit don't stink" and demanding "wait on me hand and foot" attitude. On the Run also appeared to be down-to-earth with their fans and not aloof or rude.

In addition, out of all the other bands I've reviewed up to this point, the "On the Run" band, has had the most modelesque looking 20 or so year-old female fan base. I have yet to see as many stilettos and high boots with skinny 4-inch heels. However, that didn't stop the gorgeous bodacious ladies from shaking their booties during On the Run's show on the 5th of February 2010 on the Northside of Chicago. There were many good-looking males there as well, though.

When On the Run first came out, they hit me sort of like a tsunami--they had displayed such an amount of energy I would've sworn they were all manic or "running high" on cans of Red Bull! But, before the show, I did not see them order any energy drinks or pop any amphetamines.

It was so extreme-energy-wowing I don't know how any sane non-polluted human beings could maintain it all the way to their ending. And, they didn't, but On the Run's bass player was "a real looker" and charismatic as all hell, plus the entire band played together impressively well. They clearly had positive chemistry and played tight throughout the whole night.

The Lead Vocalist and Guitarist, Tyler Imbrey, of On the Run was founder of the now deceased group, "The Liquid Courage Band." He was raised in North Carolina while Lead Guitar/Vocalist (Luke Gale) and Percussionist and Drummer (Tim Williams) are from Chicago. Plus, Mike Romanzow grew up in the Chicagoland area, and is noted for: "his smooth double-finger rhythm action [that] can "funkify" the rockiness of your soul while stimulating your senses. And, he plays bass in the band! (www.ontherunmusic.com 2010")

On the Run played predominately upbeat tunes, yet threw in some soulful slow and smooth ones, too. The fans and I were especially moved when they covered the Beatle's song "Come Together" and sounded like them almost identically.

All in all, On the Run led a fun show--they were entertaining enough for me and most of the people in attendance to not have to leave and order more alcohol or flee to go potty. Their only downfall, in my opinion, was they did not sound unique--however, who truly can these days anyway. I had thought they would since they have some mighty pricey customized and high-tech instruments, but they reminded me of the Dave Matthew's Band. On the Run had their saxophonist, Justin Keirans, and a local keyboardist play with them during over half of the show. The ingredients of On the Run include a dash of rock, reggae, blues and funk.

I concluded where the band played, Martyr's Restaurant and Pub, was pretty cool since they have two bars, and a mural of dead music legends (Bob Marley, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.) Their walls also featured individual posters of The Tragically Hip, Iggy Pop and the band, Government Mule. Martyr's had delicious food, too, allowing for drinking more alcohol and having extra dancing fuel.

Oh, and I can't go without mentioning the band who performed before On the Run (Surrender Dorothy) whose Lead Singer swirled up a stellar vocal performance and their electric guitar player was thrilling to watch, jumping high time after time.

Every single member of the band, consisting of "Guitarist/Singer Chris Barker, Joe Barker on Electric guitar, Bill Bush on Guitar, Josh Clark on Bass Guitar and last but not least Brian Kutanovski on drums" gave a wicked pure rock-in-roll performance (www.myspace.com/surrenderdorothyorelse 2010.)

Chris Barker later sang with On the Run, covering the Marshall Tucker Band's song, "Can't You See," having me to firmly believe the guy can really sing!

Hopefully, if On the Run makes it big, they'll remember their poop still stinks. "On The Run competed in the Emergenza Chicago Finals this past June 21, 2009 and did take home first place (www.ontherunmusic.com 2010.") Besides, I can easily see Lead Vocalist and Guitarist, Tyler Imbrey, and Bass player, Mike Romanzow being each a Rock Star because of their magical instrumentals, stage presence and friendly way (before they took the stage) with patrons of the bar. Plus, On the Run's new ep, "Stage Lights," reveals the band's goal to be in California and has indeed the potential to go that far.

By Tracy Walsh




- BUZZ Magazine (Tracy Walsh)

"On The Run - “Bone Sad” Review"

On The Run - “Bone Sad” review
January 29, 2009

On The Run sounds like Dispatch. Yeah, thats right, I said it. I keep hearing these really great bass lines in relatively unknown bands which gives hope yet to the Chicago music scene - I mean, at least its not just a bunch of cock rock guitarists, right? “Bone Sad” follows directly in the vein of Dispatch, The Dave Matthews Band, and other quasi jam bands, it has been a little while since I’ve heard a band that has a good enough sound to say their sound is of their influences instead of saying, well, they kind of sound like said bands, but alot crappier. Anyway, enough of the commentary, this song has a great groove to it, good, solid drums and the production is better than most. On The Run sounds like there are 4 guitarists, but there are only two - and they aren’t afraid to give the sax player a solo. They are a solid band that probably puts on a great show, lets just hope they get the “Lilly’s” gigs out of their system rather quickly - they’re a thousand times better than some of the venues they’ll be soon playing.

- Chicago Independent Music Review - Jason Petros


Stage Lights (EP)

1. Stage Lights
2. Oblivious
3. Beautiful
4. California
5. Running Dry

Produced and Engineered By: Matt Mercado (Sonic Palace Studio) 2009



Born in Seattle and raised in North Carolina Tyler Imbrey, the lead singer of the group, has crafted a style which fuses elements of blues, funk, grunge, rock, and reggae. As a songwriter, singer, and guitarist he has been developing his sound through performance and recordings since the ripe age of sixteen.

Lead guitarist Luke Gale, a southern man at heart, has a unique playing style which incorporates simultaneous lead and rhythm parts. Hendrix, Vaughan, Reggie Wooten and Freddie King (Texas Bluesman), are among his musical influences. He plays a custom, handmade Brian Moore IM9 guitar through Fender Hot Rod Deluxe all tube amp with an array of effects.

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area Mike Romanzow, the bass man, always knew he wanted to be in a band. His musical styles include funk and punk rock. With skills at both the guitar and bass Mike brings that much desired backbone to the group.

Drummer - Chris Ellison

Fiddle - Dan Walt

These different musicians come together to create one big happy family, meshing in a fantastic way!


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