On the Sly

On the Sly


Energy. Charisma. Style. This slick jazz trio has been turning heads in the North East for the past 7 years and continues to broaden their circuit and build their Upstate New York community. Their 4th Annual Slyfest will be taking place this August. More info at www.OnTheSly.org


As fate would have it the band met in the fall of 2002 at SUNY Fredonia. At its inception the band consisted of 5 members. After working as a large group for the first year of college the band had been whittled down to its core of Mike Sisto on Guitar, Griffin Brady on percussion, and Andrew Moore on bass.

However, the next year the band had to be put on hold due to the absence of guitar player Mike Sisto who went to pursue music at Purchase college. During that year Griffin and Andrew played acoustic shows as a duo and wrote some of the sly favorites you hear today. That year also saw a New York state tour in the spring time with Sisto and collaborator and good, friend Ben Butera. After convincing Sisto to move back to Fredonia, the band has been living together constantly working on new material.

Over the Summer of '06 On the Sly started touring with a new member and good friend, nationally touring jazz artist Joe Glarner. You can hear some of this collaboration on the "Joe Glarner with On the Sly-- live @ Nectars"-- recorded in Burlington, Vermont. (Soon to be re-released)

In 2006 On the Sly had their first ever music festival, On the Sly's 3 sweet days. The homegrown festy was a hit featuring 15 bands, 3 nights of camping, and round the clock food and booze. This was only the start however, as the second annual 3 sweet days was even bigger and better with over 20 bands, 2 stages, and 1000 people.

Shortly after that event, On the Sly decided it was time to get down to the heart of the matter and begin work on new material for the long awaited debut studio album-- Pslycology.

During the temporary hiatus from the touring life for On the Sly-- Griffin Brady went on tour for 8 weeks with the internationally acclaimed SAAKUMU Dance Troupe from Ghana, West Africa. He acted as performing manager, cultural ambassador, booking agent, and of course-- On the SLy "Cool bus" driver.

This year, Griffin embarked on his second national tour with the SAAKUMU troupe from Ghana, West Africa and has begun planning to bring a group to Ghana, West Africa in June of 2010-- this will mark the 1 year anniversery of his school-- the Slyboots School of Music, located here in Buffalo. With Slyfest 4 just around the corner-- and a plethora of new inspiration and material complete with upcoming album-- On the Sly is ready to start making moves and getting back on the road.


On the Sly live @ MAD Fest 5.10.08 South Dayton, NY
On the Sly live @ EBC 5.1.08- Fredonia, NY
On the Sly live @ Nietschzes 4.18.09- Buffalo, NY

and more available at www.RipeAudio.com

Set List

A mix of groove saturated originals ad funky covers keep every show fun and fresh. Songs range from relaxed and unrestricted to blazing fast technical showcases featuring each members' startlingly proficient skills.