On the Tundra

On the Tundra


On the Tundra is an instrumental indie rock band from Eugene, Oregon. We focus on vamping while remaining catchy and accessible. Our live shows include 3 guitars and two drummers as well as a bassist and Rhodes/Synth player. We are known for our huge sound and over-the-top live sets.


On the Tundra was started by Mark Leahey, former member of Detroit garage rock outfit, The Sights. He moved to Eugene, OR in 2008 and began forming OTT. Mark Leahey is the main song writer and driving force behind OTT. His influences include instrumental indie rock like: Explosions in the Sky, Do Make Say Think, and Mogwai. Mark is also influenced by late 60's garage, proto-punk, and 70's prog rock. On the Tundra's music is a combination of these influences. It does not sound exactly like all of the other bands trying to do massive instrumental songs today. His songs have a catchy pop sensability within the massive epicness. On the Tundra is purely instrumental but has the ability to be appreciatted by a wider audience than the typical instrumental band. The main focus of this band is to put on the most amazing live show possible. The band has 7 members including 3 guitars and 2 drummers. We also occasionally incorporate a horn and string section to play the songs to their fullest potential.


Our only release is our first full length album: On the Tundra - Electric Walls. It was self released in the summer of 2009. We are looking for label support to help distribute the record.

Set List

We usually play between 6 to 10 songs. Our songs are between 6 and 10 minutes each. The sets will range from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the venue and show.